Plan of Action definition

Plan of Action means the African Union Plan of Action on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism in Africa;
Plan of Action has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 5.5 of this Agreement;
Plan of Action means a written document which that explicitly states what has been or will be done to bring all deficiencies into compliance with board standards and policies.

Examples of Plan of Action in a sentence

  • Likewise, the Parties recognize the importance to promote the implementation and full use of Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property (WHA61.21), adopted on May 24, 2008 by the 61st World Health Assembly.

  • The POA&M shall be documented consistent with the HHS Standard for Plan of Action and Milestones and NIH policies.

  • In this regard, the European Union has implemented key measures, including a Plan of Action on Combating Terrorism adopted in 2001 and updated in 2004, and a major Declaration on Combating Terrorism of 25 March 2004 in the wake of the Madrid attacks.

  • Employee Plan of Action Evaluator should indicate which plan of action employee should follow based on the observation.

  • Te Riu Roa agree with the Government’s aspiration in the Pay and Employment Equity Plan of Action that remuneration, job choice, and job opportunities in the state education sector should not be affected by gender.

More Definitions of Plan of Action

Plan of Action means a document stating what has been or will be done to bring all deficiencies into compliance with standards, including a description of the activities undertaken, staff responsibilities, and a time table for completion.
Plan of Action means the plan of action for institutional improvements to be carried out respectively by the Borrower and EEG as set forth in Schedule 5 to the Loan Agreement as such schedule may be amended from time to time by agreement among the Borrower, EEG and the Bank.
Plan of Action means the plan of action for implemen- tation of NARP, agreed upon between the Borrower, the Association, the Donors and XXXX; and
Plan of Action is defined in Paragraph 3.
Plan of Action means a plan under which Supplier (i) identifies what is known about the issue; (ii) describes what has been done to troubleshoot the issue; and (iii) describes next steps. • During a troubleshooting session, both AT&T and Supplier personnel will be available to participate in joint troubleshooting calls to coordinate troubleshooting efforts. • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the column labelled, “Communication”, if the Parties are engaged in regular communication as part of joint troubleshooting efforts (e.g., conference calls), then status updates will not be required during communication sessions. [* * *] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities act of 1933, as amended. Amendment No. 20100106.054.S.001.A.012 Severity Level Definition Response Time Corrective Action Plan Communication • A severity one (1) issue is a catastrophic production problem which may severely impact AT&T’s production systems, or in which AT&T’s production systems are down or not functioning; loss of production data and no procedural work around exists; loss of ability to administer the system [* * *] Supplier shall provide a plan of action within [* * *] after completion of initial troubleshooting session Every [* * *] (or such other interval as may be agreed by the Parties) • A severity two (2) issue is a problem where AT&T’s system is functioning but in a severely reduced capacity. The situation is causing significant impact to AT&T’s ability to deliver the service. The system is exposed to potential loss or interruption of service. [* * *] Supplier shall provide an action plan for resolution within [* * *] after completion of the initial troubleshooting session between Supplier and AT&T in connection with a Severity 2 support ticket/escalation request. Every [* * *] (or such other interval as may be agreed by the Parties) • A severity three (3) issue is a medium-to-low impact problem which involves partial non-critical functionality loss, i.e., one which impairs some operations but allows AT&T to deliver the service. This may be a minor issue with limited loss or no loss of functionality and issues in which there is an easy circumvention or avoidance by the end user. This includes documentation errors. Within [* * *] Supplier shall provide an action plan for resolution upon request from AT&T, and in a mutually agreed timeframe Every [...
Plan of Action means a forward looking and priority-oriented list of measures, including legislative measures, to be adopted and actions to be taken by a beneficiary country necessary to effectively implement the core international conventions referred to in Annex VI, and based on, inter alia, available information and in particular the most recent conclusions of the monitoring bodies of the conventions; the plan of action shall also provide for a timeframe for each listed measure and action and identify as precisely as possible the relevant institution or structure responsible in the beneficiary country for its implementation and oversight. Each listed measure and action, or set thereof, constitute the benchmarks for the progressive suspension of tariffs, as agreed in the tariff suspension schedule included to the plan of action.
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