Settling Defendant definition

Settling Defendant s Property” shall mean all portions of the Site owned by Settling Defendant as of the date of signature of the Consent Decree by Settling Defendant.
Settling Defendant means [insert name].
Settling Defendant means Peco Foods, Inc.

Examples of Settling Defendant in a sentence

  • Nothing in this provision prevents Plaintiffs from complying with a lawfully issued subpoena, request for production of CID, but reasonable notice will be provided to Settling Defendant prior to production.

  • In such event, claims time- barred as of the date of this Agreement remain so and the Settling Defendant retain all defenses, privileges and immunities they had prior to the execution of the Agreement.

  • Settling Defendant and Triumph Foods, LLC have pre-existing business agreements that require them to cooperate with each other.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this litigation standstill is intended to impair or impede cooperation among and between Settling Defendant and Triumph Foods, LLC, including cooperation related to this Action.

  • Triumph shall have the same rights and obligations as the Settling Defendant as to the sections of the Settlement Agreement pertaining to Settlement Fund Administration (Sec.

More Definitions of Settling Defendant

Settling Defendant means General Electric Company.
Settling Defendant means Xxxxx Farms, LLC.
Settling Defendant or “Kirby” shall mean Kirby Inland Marine, LP, along with its successors and assigns.
Settling Defendant means E. I. du Pont de Nemours and
Settling Defendant s Related Parties” shall mean: (i) all parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates of Settling Defendant (including, but not limited to, Xcel Energy, Inc., a Minnesota corporation; Xcel Energy Services, Inc., a Delaware corporation; Northern States Power Company, a Minnesota corporation; Southwestern Public Service Company, a New Mexico corporation; and Public Service Company of Colorado, a Colorado corporation), but only to the extent that the alleged liability of such person is based on the alleged liability of the Settling Defendant; and (ii) the former or current officers, directors, employees, general partners, limited partners, members, or shareholders of Settling Defendant and of any entity included in clause (i) of this Paragraph, but only to the extent that the alleged liability of such person is based on acts and/or omissions which occurred within the scope of the person’s employment or capacity as an officer, director, employee, general partner, limited partner, member, or shareholder of the Settling Defendant or of any entity included in clause (i) of this Paragraph.
Settling Defendant means HSBC Bank plc.
Settling Defendant s Claims” means all claims, including Unknown Claims, that the Settling Defendant may have against any Class Plaintiffs and Co-Lead Counsel relating to the institution, prosecution, or settlement of the Action, except for claims relating to the enforcement of the Settlement.