Notice of Action definition

Notice of Action shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1C.
Notice of Action means written notification to an Enrollee and written or verbal notification to a Provider when applicable, of an Action that will be taken by the Contractor. Notice of Appeal Resolution means written notification to an Enrollee, and a Provider when applicable, of the Contractor’s resolution of an Appeal. Other Disclosing Entity means any other Medicaid disclosing entity and any entity that does not participate in Medicaid but is required to disclose certain ownership and control information because of participation in any of the programs established under Title V, XVIII, or XX of the Social Security Act. This includes:
Notice of Action means a Denial, Termination, or Reduction of Service Notice (DTR) or other Action as defined in section 2.3.

Examples of Notice of Action in a sentence

  • Additionally, Grantor and Grantee shall meet (in person or electronically) within sixty (60) days after Grantee's receipt of the Notice of Action to review Grantor's proposed Anticipated Significant Actions.

  • Where this Section 7.4 applies, references to the "Annual Work Plan" in Section 7.3.4 above shall be deemed to be references to the applicable Notice of Action except that Grantor shall not be required to provide the list of actions set forth in Section 7.3.1(b) above.

  • Any Anticipated Significant Action (other than a Specified Required Action) identified in a Notice of Action which is proposed to occur outside of a Hydro Operating Zone shall be subject to Section 7.3.4 above.

  • This includes quarterly evaluation of all Notice of Action decisions that are made by a subcontracted entity.

  • If the Contractor denies a request for service authorization, the Contractor must issue a Notice of Action within twenty-four(24) hours of the denial to the prescriber and the member.

More Definitions of Notice of Action

Notice of Action has the meaning set forth in Section 11.02(ii) below.
Notice of Action has the meaning set forth in (S) 8(b) below.
Notice of Action means a formal communication of any action, as defined above and
Notice of Action means a written notice that must be provided to Individuals to inform them that a requested Contracted Service was denied or received only a limited authorization based on medical necessity.
Notice of Action means a form provided to a household informing them of an action which has been or will be taken concerning the household's eligibility status or level of benefits.
Notice of Action means the notice issued by MAD, the MCO or their designees of their intent to take an adverse action against an eligible recipient or a member in the form an adverse determination is made with regard to the preadmission or annual resident review requirements.
Notice of Action means a written notice that must be provided to Enrollees to inform them that GFS Contracted Services have not been authorized based on medical necessity criteria. Opioid Dependency/HIV Services Outreach “Opioid Dependency/HIV Services Outreach” means costs incurred to provide Outreach and referral services to special populations such as Opioid use disorder, injecting drug users (IDU), HIV or Hepatitis C-positive Enrollees. Opioid Dependency/HIV and Hepatitis C Outreach is specifically designed to encourage injecting drug users (IDUs) and other high-risk groups such as opioid use disorder and HIV or Hepatitis C-positive Enrollees to undergo treatment and to reduce transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C disease. Costs include providing information and skills training to non-injecting, drug using sex partners of IDUs and other high-risk groups such as street youths. Programs may employ street outreach activities, as well as more formal education and risk- reduction counseling. Referral services include referral to assessment, treatment, interim services, and other appropriate support services. Costs do not include ongoing therapeutic or rehabilitative services. Outreach and Engagement