Hired Employee definition

Hired Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 8.10(a).
Hired Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.6.
Hired Employee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.1(a).

Examples of Hired Employee in a sentence

  • Upon the closing of the transaction described in this Section 12.3, (a) all Employment Agreements delivered by all Physicians will be terminated in which case such Physicians shall not be subject to any ongoing non-competition obligations, and (b) Purchaser will terminate the employment of each Hired Employee, in each case unless Purchaser and a Physician or Hired Employee mutually agree otherwise.

  • Employee Hired Employee Type FTE Illustrative Hire Date Illustrative Promotion Date Illustrative Current ROP Illustrative Length of New Hire Probation in Months Regular Position 1 11/1/2015 2/5/2016 $17.00 6 Step 2.

More Definitions of Hired Employee

Hired Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 3.7(f)(i).
Hired Employee means any Business Employee that becomes an employee of Buyer or an Affiliate of Buyer as of the Closing Date.
Hired Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 14(m).
Hired Employee means any employee of Seller to whom Buyer offers employment after the Closing Date and who accepts such offer and commences such employment.
Hired Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 5.6(a).
Hired Employee as used in this Agreement means an Employee who accepts employment with Buyers as of the Closing Date, and in addition, any Employee of Sellers who is on leave as of the Closing Date who later accepts employment with Buyers in accordance with the terms of Section 10.3(a). All Hired Employees will be retained as employees-at-will. The terms of all such Hired Employees’ employment with Buyers shall be in accordance with usual and customary practices for employees of LifeCare and its Affiliates. Buyers shall provide each Hired Employee with employee benefits, including, without limitation, retirement, welfare and paid time off, consistent with similarly-situated employees at long term acute care hospitals that are owned and operated by Affiliates of LifeCare. With respect to such employee benefits, to the extent lawful and provided for under Buyers’ ‘policies and contracts, Buyers shall honor the Hired Employees’ prior service credit under Sellers’ welfare benefit plans for purposes of eligibility and satisfying pre-existing condition limitations in Buyers’ welfare benefit plans. Buyers shall also honor the Hired Employees prior service with Sellers for purposes of eligibility and vesting in Buyers’ retirement benefit plans and other service-based plans such as paid time off, but shall not accrue benefits or make contributions to such plans with respect to such prior service. Buyers shall carry over, and give credit for, the unused Paid Time Off days of the Hired Employees based on the valid records of Sellers, but only to the extent that (i) the amounts do not exceed the maximum allowed accrual under Buyers’ policies and (ii) the value of such Paid Time Off is reflected in the Final Net Working Capital. Participation in such benefit plans shall begin as soon as administratively feasible after the Closing Date for participating Hired Employees (and eligible dependents) and for all other Hired Employees who, given their service with Sellers, have met the age and service requirements for participation under the respective Buyers plans. If Buyers terminate the employment of any Hired Employee at any time after the Closing, Buyers shall be responsible for costs and consequences of any such termination;
Hired Employee has the meaning set out in Section 4.3(b);