Business Employee definition

Business Employee means any employee who is employed by Seller, the Company or any of their respective Affiliates (regardless of whether such employee is inactive due to illness, disability, workers’ compensation or other approved leaves of absence) whose services are primarily related to the Business.
Business Employee has the meaning set forth in Section 5.11(a).
Business Employee means each employee of any Seller whose primary responsibility is to provide services Related to the Business.

Examples of Business Employee in a sentence

  • Furthermore, even if a hospital, hospital system or university provides medical services that are included in Employer’s Business, Employee may work for such hospital, hospital system or university if Employee has no direct supervisory responsibility for or involvement in the hospital’s, hospital system’s or university’s provision of medical services that are Employer’s Business.

  • Neither KME nor any of its Subsidiaries maintains or contributes to or has any material lability with respect to any Benefit Plan relating to any Aerospace Business Employee, whether or not subject to ERISA, which is not an Aerospace Business Benefit Plan.

More Definitions of Business Employee

Business Employee means any Person who is a present or former employee of Seller at any time prior to or on the Closing Date, and who provided or previously provided any services relating to the Business.
Business Employee means the employees of Seller Parties who are principally engaged in performing services for the Business.
Business Employee means any individual who, immediately prior to the Closing, is employed by, engaged directly and primarily in or necessary for the conduct of the Transferred Business (including, without limitation, any such individuals on short-term or long-term disability leave or another approved leave of absence).
Business Employee means an employee of Seller who is employed as of the Effective Time and whose work responsibilities relate principally to the Business, as set forth on Schedule 7.9(a).
Business Employee means any current or former officer, director, employee, leased employee, consultant or agent (or their respective beneficiaries) of the Companies or of any ERISA Affiliate.
Business Employee means any employee of Seller.
Business Employee means each Person who is employed by a Group Company, including those employees on medical leave, family leave, military leave or personal leave under any policy of the Group Company or any of its Affiliates.