Key Employees definition

Key Employees means key officers or employees as set forth in Exhibit C hereto.
Key Employees means each of the individuals set forth in Part A of Schedule E attached hereto.
Key Employees means (to the extent such positions exist): (a) at the Hotel level, any salaried manager including Area Manager and (b) at the corporate level, positions at or below Vice President Hospitality.

Examples of Key Employees in a sentence

As of the Closing Date, the Employment Agreements with at least three of the Key Employees will be in full force and effect.

Neither the Company nor, to the Company’s knowledge, any of its officers, directors or Key Employees is a party or is named as subject to the provisions of any order, writ, injunction, judgment or decree of any court or government agency or instrumentality (in the case of officers, directors or Key Employees, such as would affect the Company).

Incentive Stock Option Plan for Officers and Key Employees, amended as of August 9, 1990, is incorporated herein by reference to Exhibit No. 10C to the Company's 1990 Annual Report on Form 10-K.

Stock-Based Incentive Compensation Plan for Officers and Key Employees, adopted June 22, 1993, is incorporated herein by reference to Appendix A to the 1993 Proxy Statement.

More Definitions of Key Employees

Key Employees means Jon Sabes and Steve Sabes; provided that if any such Person is replaced by a successor that has been approved in writing by the Agent, then such successor shall be deemed to be a Key Employee and the replaced Person shall cease to be a Key Employee.
Key Employees means the Employees set forth on Schedule 1.1(rrr).
Key Employees means the individuals listed on Schedule 1.2, Part III.
Key Employees means regular, full-time employees of the Company or an Affiliate below the Officer level.
Key Employees means the employees listed in Schedule IV.
Key Employees means those individuals designated on Schedule I.
Key Employees means Joseph, Jing Shen, Jeffrey and Shang.