Managed Services definition

Managed Services means the provision by us of services for Managed Router Solution, Customer Router Management Services, SD-WAN Service, Managed Security Service, Cloud IP PBX Service, Server Application Monitoring or Server Application Monitoring Plus, and/or BaaS/RaaS Service, and/or nonstandard features expressly added by written agreement(e.g., limited SIP signaling encryption), and any management, monitoring and/or other services performed or features provided by or through First Communications directly related thereto.
Managed Services means all or part of those medical services set forth in 441—Chapter 78 and covered in the contract between the department and a PHP.

Examples of Managed Services in a sentence

  • Vinson Managed Services Agreement (Transition) FY23.pdf Moved by , seconded by Roll Call: Ms. Colucci Mrs.

  • DSL is looking for a single Primary Vendor to offer a turnkey Solution for the PAM and Managed Services and integrate with multiple Game and Support Services Vendors.

  • The subsidiaries involved were AssetCo Emergency Limited, AssetCo Servicecare Limited, AssetCo Contracts Limited, AssetCo Resource Limited, AssetCo Managed Services (ROI) Limited, AssetCo Managed Services Limited, Simentra Limited.

  • Members were asked to seek approval for a revised staffing structure for the Access Managed Services Section (AMS) resulting from Early Retirement (ER), Voluntary Redundancy (VR), staff movements, and the acquisition of new contracts.

  • Compliance to the technical specifications of Local Cloud Hosting Servers and IPCC along with CRM with Managed Services to be procured as mentioned vide Annexure-A of this document and shall provide technical Brochure that should include specifications with clarity along with the Bid document (where applicable)NOTE:Old yellow-colored Stamp papers are not accepted Mandatory x.Professional Tax Certificate 2022-23 Must beWith Challan FormMandatory xi.

More Definitions of Managed Services

Managed Services means services as specified in subrule 88.48(1) that require preauthorization from the patient manager in order to be payable by Medicaid.
Managed Services and means the subcategory of Services comprised of consulting, development, implementation, and like tasks performed under a statement of work or other Order for such Services.
Managed Services means the services provided by a Client to End Users using the ConnectWise Software and Client’sintellectual capital and/or additional services supplied by Client.
Managed Services means the on-going management and provision of services by the supplier in return for a monthly payment by the customer;
Managed Services means the services and tools ancillary to the Cloud Platform, provided by PA to the Client and which are required to operate and maintain the Cloud Platform or any other mutually agreed services rendered to support the Client’s environment
Managed Services means the managed services provided by You to Beneficiaries through the use of the Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Solution for the number of Seats specified in Your Order Documentation.