Managed Services definition

Managed Services means the provision by us of services for Managed Router Solution, Customer Router Management Services, SD-WAN Service, Managed Security Service, Cloud IP PBX Service, Server Application Monitoring or Server Application Monitoring Plus, and/or BaaS/RaaS Service, and/or nonstandard features expressly added by written agreement(e.g., limited SIP signaling encryption), and any management, monitoring and/or other services performed or features provided by or through First Communications directly related thereto.
Managed Services means the services provided by a Client to End Users using the SaaS and Client’s intellectual capital and/or additional services supplied by Client.
Managed Services means certain usage based managed operating systems and/or managed applications, including web, middleware, database applications, that a Customer may elect to purchase via a Service Order.

Examples of Managed Services in a sentence

  • This Unified Service Level Addendum – Actionability (“SLA Actionability Addendum”) is governed by the terms of the General Terms, the applicable PSLT, the applicable Sales Order, and the Unified Service Level Agreement – Adobe On-demand and Managed Services (the “Unified SLA”).

  • In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between this SLA Actionability Addendum and the Unified Service Level Agreement – Adobe On-demand and Managed Services, the terms of this SLA Actionability Addendum will apply for the applicable Covered Service (as defined in this SLA Actionability Addendum).

  • Trigyn has a comprehensive range of service offerings including Offshore Development and Maintenance Solutions & Services, Staff Augmentation, Managed Services, and Business Process Outsourcing.

  • To ensure that these objectives are achieved, the Company has adopted and is using the industry leading tools & technologies.• Managed ServicesTrigyn has a proven track record in providing large scale Managed Services.

  • All capitalized terms used but not defined in this Addendum have the meanings given to them in the Managed Services Contract.

More Definitions of Managed Services

Managed Services means all or part of those medical services set forth in 441—Chapter 78 and covered in the contract between the department and a PHP.
Managed Services means services as specified in subrule 88.48(1) that require preauthorization from the patient manager in order to be payable by Medicaid.
Managed Services means the technology services hosted by or on behalf of Adobe and provided to Customer as a dedicated instance, as set out in the Sales Order.
Managed Services means the on-going management and provision of services by the supplier in return for a monthly payment by the customer;
Managed Services means the services and tools ancillary to the Cloud Platform, provided by PA to the Client and which are required to operate and maintain the Cloud Platform or any other mutually agreed services rendered to support the Client’s environment
Managed Services and means the subcategory of Services comprised of consulting, development, implementation, and like tasks performed under a statement of work or other Order for such Services.
Managed Services means Our service support calls services, onsite support services, data management services, cloud advice and management services, data and infrastructure security services, onsite repair services, service management services, Vendor Management Service, image holding services and any other Managed services as applicable to the Customer and as are described and set out in more detail in the Service Delivery Document.