Operating Systems Sample Clauses

Operating Systems. Reseller hereby acknowledges its understanding that ----------------- the Software is intended to be used with computer equipment manufactured by other parties and manufacturer provided operating systems, and that such computer equipment and operating systems software are not provided under this agreement. Reseller is solely responsible for acquiring and maintaining such equipment and software, the utilization rights of such software, and for the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the operating environment in which Software is to function. Licensor does not make any representation, warranty, or understanding concerning the suitability, availability or performance of any computer or operating system software for use with the Software provided hereunder.
Operating Systems. 20.1 Client retains ownership to Client Data in the Cardinal Health System but grants Cardinal Health a limited right to use such Client Data in the performance of its Services.
Operating Systems. Subject to Section 6.10, the LA Company shall be the legal owner and duly licensed user of all Operating Systems on a stand alone basis and under substantially the same conditions of the Operating Systems as currently used in the LA Establishment.
Operating Systems. VCP shall have taken all necessary and desirable measures in order to cause the LA Company to be the legal owner and duly licensed user of all Operating Systems on a stand alone basis and under substantially the same conditions as the Operating Systems that are currently used in the LA Establishment. IP and VCP shall create a technical commission which shall define, within 2 (two) months from the date hereof, the procedures for the transition of the Operating Systems of the LA Company from VCP to IP. IP acknowledges that VCP will not begin the transfer and/or segregation of the LA Operating Systems to the LA Company until December 31, 2006. VCP will endeavor its best efforts to ensure that such transition is completed within 6 (six) months as from the Closing Date. To the extent that the Operating Systems are not transferred within the above term, IP shall have the right to continue to use and operate the Operating Systems until such transition is completed.
Operating Systems. The proper activation of a computer’s low-power/‘sleep’ mode is typically contingent upon the installation and use of a particular version of an operating system. If a computer is shipped from the Program Participant with one or more operating systems, the computer shall be capable of entering and fully recovering from the low-power/‘sleep’ sleep mode while running in at least one of those operating systems. If the computer is not shipped with operating system software, the Program Participant shall clearly specify which mechanism will render the computer Energy Star-compliant. In addition, if any special software, hardware drivers, or utilities are necessary for the proper activation and recovery of the sleep mode, they must be installed in the computer. The Program Participant shall include this information in product literature (e.g. user’s manual or data sheets) and/or on its Internet website. Brochures and advertisements shall be worded to avoid misleading statements.
Operating Systems. Operating System software residing on a Covered Component(s) and identified on the Sales Order.
Operating Systems. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Lease, as of the Commencement Date and at no cost to Tenant, the Operating Systems serving the Leased Premises shall be in good working order and repair. If during the first thirty (30) days of the Term, any Operating System is not in the condition required by the foregoing sentence, Tenant shall notify Landlord of the need for repair and Landlord promptly shall complete the repair at no cost to Tenant.
Operating Systems. UNIX (AIX), LINUX (Redhat), Microsoft Windows 10 or higher, Microsoft Server 2008 or higher, VMWare, Industry Standard Load Balancer, Content Switches.
Operating Systems. 1. Host-based intrusion detection (IDS) shall be used to monitor server(s) on which Thomson information is hosted. This requirement shall be implemented within thirty (30) day of the Amendment Effective Date.