Service Desk definition

Service Desk means the single point of entry for all Service Tickets and Service Requests which can be accessed over the phone, by email or via our portal.

Examples of Service Desk in a sentence

Incidents can be reported using Help.UNM at or by calling the UNM IT Service Desk during business hours at 505.277.5757.

If this is not possible then verbal requests can be made via the IT Service Desk [Tel: 0117 328 3612] who will refer you on to the Data Protection team.

Consider this effort in conjunction with changes to the IT Service Desk and an IT Service Catalog.

You may claim On Time Delivery Service Credits by reporting any failure to meet the On Time Delivery Service Level to the Service Desk in accordance with Paragraph9.

This is an SLA between the Customer and UNM IT to document the provision of:  The Service Desk;  The general levels of response, availability, and maintenance associated with these services;  The responsibilitiesof UNM IT as a provider of these services;  The responsibilities of the End-Users and Customers receiving these services;  The financial arrangements associated with the service.

More Definitions of Service Desk

Service Desk means TELVIVA’s helpdesk in respect of the Communication Services described in the Schedule;
Service Desk means the helpdesk that you are able to contact to submit service requests, report Incidents and ask questions about the CVE Service.
Service Desk means the point of contact within Maintel, via either telephone or the Support Portal through which all Support Requests will be raised as set out in Service Description (Schedule 2). “Services” means the services contracted under this Agreement
Service Desk means Zebra’s help desk for telephone and email support, as described in the Zebra Support Contract(s).