Ambulance service provider definition

Ambulance service provider means Latrobe Health Services recognises the following providers for the purposes of paying benefits:
Ambulance service provider means a person engaged in the business of transporting sick, disabled or injured individuals by ambulance to or from facilities or institutions providing health services.
Ambulance service provider means an ambulance ser- vice provider, as defined in s.256.01 (3), that is a volunteer fire department or fire company, a public agency, or a nonprofit corpo- ration.

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  • Original Bill froma certified Ambulance Service Provider or Hospital Accidental Hospital Daily Cash Benefit a.

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Ambulance service provider means a licensed ambulance service that responds to 9-1-1 dispatched calls or provides pre-arranged non-emergency transfers or emergency or non-emergency inter-facility transfers.
Ambulance service provider means any person or entity who, for monetary, public service, or other consideration, transports, in one or more air or ground ambulances providing any class of service, one or more persons needing medical attention or services from any location in the County.
Ambulance service provider means a provider of ambulance services
Ambulance service provider means any person who is certified by the commission and who engages in or seeks to furnish, operate, conduct, maintain, advertise, or otherwise engage in services for the transportation and care of emergency patients as apart of a regular course of doing business, either paid or voluntary.
Ambulance service provider means the company or companies authorized by Council pursuant to Article 4 herein to provide ambulance service on behalf of the County of Grande Prairie No. 1.
Ambulance service provider means the person, firm, partnership, corporation or other organization that operates an ambulance in Contra Costa County.
Ambulance service provider means a provider of ambulance services that: