Platform Services definition

Platform Services means the products and services that Platform Users receive from a Stripe Connect Platform, regardless of whether fees are charged (e.g., web development, customer support or hosting services).
Platform Services means the provision of the Application by the Platform Provider, the registration, creation of and access to a user account by the User, the geo-location of the available Vehicles and certain information services regarding the Application, the available Adhered Car Lessors and/or the Car Rental Services.
Platform Services means the access to information and market data via the Payment Platform provided by us to amongst other things, facilitate the booking and management of payments, track trades and report on balances and transactions on your Global Account;

Examples of Platform Services in a sentence

  • Depending on your enrolment election, you may (a) assist your Platform Users in creating Stripe accounts or integrating their existing Stripe accounts into your Platform Services; and (b) prepopulate or provide Connected Account Data during the enrolment process.

  • You must clearly and prominently disclose all fees (if any) that you may charge to Connected Accounts for the Connected Accounts' use of your Platform Services and, to the extent charged separately, the Services.

  • Technical Platform Services (TPS) rules – require operators of conditional access systems to offer technical platform access services on a cost-recovery basis, where charges must be fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRND).

  • A Connected Account may perform Activity, or you may perform Activity on behalf of a Connected Account, depending on how you integrate the Stripe API into your Platform Services.

More Definitions of Platform Services

Platform Services means internet based electronic platform in the form of an intermediary to facilitate sale and purchase of goods and services through the Platform.
Platform Services shall have the meaning set out under Section 2.1 [Platform Services].
Platform Services means the service of real-time, secure data transmission and data processing for multiple business-to-business payment methods;
Platform Services shall refer to the provision of the League Platform to You and Your Employees. We will provide the Platform Services to those Employees elected by You in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Platform Services means the generally available BMC-provided platform specified on the Order and its capabilities to run Applications. The specific Platform Services being will be identified in the Order.
Platform Services means the BMC Innovation Suite and its capabilities to run Applications. The specific Platform Services being purchased by Customer will be identified in the Order.
Platform Services means the Databricks software as a service platform.