Company Services definition

Company Services means any services (including but not limited to technical and product support, technical advice and customer services) supplied by the Company with which the duties of the Executive were concerned or for which he was responsible during the two years immediately preceding the Termination Date;
Company Services has the meaning specified in Section 3.4.

Examples of Company Services in a sentence

  • The following table presents ratings from rating agencies and the unsecured amounts due from the Company’s reinsurers whose aggregate balance exceeded 3% of the Company’s stockholders’ equity as of the dates presented (in thousands): Ratings as of June 30, 2017 Due from as of Standardand Poor's Moody'sAM Best Rating Investors June 30, December 31, Reinsurer Company Services Service, Inc.

  • The Management Company will require any such agent to which the Management Company intends to delegate its duties to comply with the provisions of the Sales Prospectus, the Articles of Association, and the relevant provisions of the Management Company Services Agreement, as well as the Law of 17 December 2010.

More Definitions of Company Services

Company Services means: (aa) providing short-answer or custom research on demand, including without limitation literature or database searches, telephone interviews, or other research of the same or substantially similar type as that provided by the Company or its affiliates; or (bb) preparing published multiple client or syndicated studies, including without limitation studies of the same or substantially similar type provided by the Company or its affiliates; or (cc) selling benchmarking data and databases of the same or substantially similar type provided by the Company or its affiliates; or (dd) providing conferences, seminars, training or education of the same or substantially similar type provided by the Company or its affiliates; or (ee) providing any other services or products not described in (aa) through (dd) above that the Company or its affiliates is providing, has provided or proposes to provide as of the date of the Employee's termination; where any of the foregoing services described in (aa) through (ee) above are provided to any of the following: physicians, hospitals, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, managed care companies, commercial banks, brokerage houses, mutual fund companies or Fortune 1000 companies. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Employee may upon termination in the situations described above work as a consultant or for a consulting firm, provided he/she complies with all of the provisions of this Section 5(a). The Company may release the Employee from some or all of the restrictions in this section only in a written instrument signed by the Employee and the Chairman of the Company. For the purposes of this Section 5(a), "Cause" for termination shall mean the commission of an act of fraud, theft or dishonesty against the Company; arrest or conviction for any felony; arrest or conviction for any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude which might, in the Company's reasonable opinion, cause embarrassment to the Company; misconduct; substance abuse; insubordination; violation of Company policy; willful or repeated non- performance or substandard performance of duties; violation of any District of Columbia, state or federal laws, rules or regulations in connection with or during performance of work; or Performance
Company Services. (A) purchasing, holding, and selling credit card and home equity loans (purchased, held or sold by CompuCredit), or portfolios thereof, or both, (B) providing credit card or home equity loan servicing services or (C) engaging in the business of making credit card and home equity loans to consumers.
Company Services shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(b).
Company Services means services provided to any corporate entity to include, incorporation services, the provision of directors or a company secretary (whether individuals or corporates), registered office services, registered agent services and all management and Administrative Services relating to such Company Services;
Company Services means the services as mention under clause 5 of this Client Agreement.