Network Service Provider definition

Network Service Provider means an intermediary;
Network Service Provider means PacifiCorp Transmission, as a provider of network service to PacifiCorp under the Tariff.

Examples of Network Service Provider in a sentence

A negotiated connection offer remains open for acceptance for 20 business days from the date of the offer and then lapses unless the period for acceptance is extended by agreement between the Distribution Network Service Provider and the connection applicant.

If the Distribution Network Service Provider reasonably requires additional information to assess the application, it may require the connection applicant to provide the necessary information.

If the AER, after making a distribution determination, considers that an existing model standing offer to provide basic connection services or standard connection services may be inconsistent with the Distribution Network Service Provider's distribution determination (including the connection policy), the AER may require the Distribution Network Service Provider to submit a proposal under paragraph (a) to bring the model standing offer into consistency with the distribution determination.

Lopez, “A Network Service Provider Perspective on Network Slicing,” January 2018.

Should the Subscriber require an international roaming service, and the Netstar Service is provided to the Subscriber outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa but within the Territory, the Subscriber will be responsible for all and any charges which may be charged by the Network Service Provider, in respect of the international roaming service at standard rates, applicable from time to time.

More Definitions of Network Service Provider

Network Service Provider means the undertaking appointed by the ECB to provide computerised network connections for interlinking,
Network Service Provider means the network provider of the Customer’s mobile phone, being Orange, Mascom and/ or BeMobile;
Network Service Provider means the provider of mobile phone services;
Network Service Provider means, the 3G/Edge/GPRS/WIFI access to the network service provider's connection to the Internet, the provision of World Wide Web data and the incidental storage of data.
Network Service Provider means any sub-contractor of the Service Controller who has been appointed from time to time to implement, operate and support all or part of the DTN on behalf of the Service Controller;