Network Service Provider definition

Network Service Provider means an intermediary;
Network Service Provider means the undertaking appointed by the ECB's Governing Council to provide computerised network connections for the purpose of submitting payment messages in TARGET2,
Network Service Provider means PacifiCorp Transmission, as a provider of network service to PacifiCorp under the Tariff.

Examples of Network Service Provider in a sentence

  • For Collinsville Power Station, any variation to the minimum performance requirements specified in clause S5.2.5.13 of schedule 5.2 of the Rules is to be limited to figures agreed with the Network Service Provider to whose network the Collinsville Power Station is connected.

  • Each Registered Participant that has a connection point to a Queensland transmission network must submit to the relevant Queensland Transmission Network Service Provider a forecast of the annual energy consumption associated with each connection point together with the information set out in schedule 5.7 of the Rules.

  • The amount that a South Australian Distribution Network Service Provider may receive by way of capital contribution, prepayment and/or financial guarantee in respect of a South Australian network will be determined by the appropriate regulator in accordance with applicable regulatory instruments.

  • In making a distribution determination or approving a pricing proposal for a Tasmanian Distribution Network Service Provider, the AER must ensure that distribution tariffs for small customers of a particular class are uniform regardless of where in mainland Tasmania the customer is supplied with electricity.

  • However, the definitions of local area and Local Network Service Provider are to be read as if the reference to the authority responsible for administering the jurisdictional electricity legislation in the relevant participating jurisdiction were replaced by a reference to the laws of the State of New South Wales.

More Definitions of Network Service Provider

Network Service Provider means the internet, telephony, and other network services provider used by the Supplier in respect of the Services.
Network Service Provider means any Internet service provider or commercial online service provider providing connection to the Internet.
Network Service Provider means the service provider who provides the GSM Network;
Network Service Provider. Means any Internet service provider providing connection to the Internet.
Network Service Provider means a person who engages in the activity of owning, controlling, or operating a transmission or distribution system pursuant to a licence or permit granted under this Act;
Network Service Provider means PacifiCorp Transmission, as a provider of Network Integration Transmission Service to PacifiCorp under the Tariff.
Network Service Provider means any Internet Service Provider (“ISP”) or any commercial online service provider or a licensed telecommunications services provider approved by the Bank providing connection to the Internet or providing the Customer with telecommunications and connectivity services necessary for the provisions of any applications in addition to its own proprietary network.