System Services definition

System Services has the meaning given such term in Section 3.1.
System Services means the SRS, DNS Name Server and Whois services for the Registry TLD for which availability and Performance Specifications are established.
System Services means all services associated with the provision of Capacity Rights, in particular but not limited to, receiving and checking Nominations and Renominations, maintaining the Capacity Rights Account and invoicing.

Examples of System Services in a sentence

  • In accordance with the DS3 System Services Agreement, a Providing Unit is required to accurately reflect its true capability to provide the service.

  • Specific Transitional Provisions – Mandatory Essential System Services Accreditation for Specific Facilities 1.50.

  • System Services: Contractor shall identify on coordination drawings and models all plumbing and electrical power and signal services required for each component of each system.

  • We find that the notions of judicial economy and efficiency require us to deny the motion to compel Allsteel to produce the settlement documents.

  • Triggering Procurement of Non-Co-optimised Essential System Services (NCESS) 3.11B.

More Definitions of System Services

System Services shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 1.03.A.
System Services means, collectively, the services listed in Part 3 of Exhibit A and all other obligations of Provider under ARTICLE II, other than the Accounting Services and the Administrative Services.
System Services means the real-time marketing services to be supplied by Fresh Relevance to the Customer as set out in the applicable Order Form and/or as approved by Fresh Relevance in writing from time to time;
System Services means the list of services provided in Section 3 - System Services.
System Services. This section defines the service level agreement for the system services supported by WildCard. Details for this set of measurements are defined in ATTACHMENT B, SYSTEMS SERVICES.
System Services means the services provided pursuant to this Agreement, including the Bill Payment Service. The termbusiness day” means Monday through Friday. Holidays are not included. All terms and conditions regarding “Customer’s” use of the System or any Service shall apply to Administrators’ and Users’ use of the System or Service. Additional definitions used in this Agreement are set forth above and below.