Extensive definition

Extensive means that the Employee has used in excess of six (6) "incidents" of sick leave during the school year. An "incident" of sick leave shall mean an absence of at least one-half of the assigned work day. The District shall have the right to review the usage of such leave. If a preliminary examination of sick leave usage indicates that an Employee's use of sick leave is excessive or not in accordance with the provisions of this Article, the Employee’s administrative supervisor shall forward a request for a Sick Leave Review to the superintendent’s designee, Employee-Management Relations department. As part of the Sick Leave Review, the District, at the District's expense, may require the Employee to have a physical examination from a physician of the District's choice from a list of qualified physicians licensed to practice in the State of Nevada and/or at the option of the District to submit a written certificate from a physician of the Employee's choice confirming the necessity of an absence due to illness. If an Employee disagrees with the outcome of a Sick Leave Review and/or any related disciplinary action that resulted, the Employee may, within seven (7) School Days of the issuance of the finding, appeal the decision and/or discipline to Step Two of Article 4, Grievance and Arbitration Procedure.
Extensive means the person can complete approximately 25% of the activity and relies on the caregiver to support 75% of the activity.
Extensive means in excess of eight (8) incidents of sick leave usage in the preceding 12-month period. Incident of Use (Sick Leave): Any period of continuous absence or intermittent for the same reason, or the use of sick leave for an individual condition that requires repeated treatment. Use of sick leave for funeral attendance or a scheduled medical, vision, or dental appointment or for the care of immediate family members shall not constitute an incident of sick leave. A doctor’s note may also be required after an employee has utilized sick leave used six (6) incidents of sick leave in conjunction with holidays and/or regular days off in the preceding twelve (12) month period. Pattern use of leave; Patterns of use of leave in conjunction with holidays and/or employeesregular day off; failure to provide appropriate documentation to substantiate leave when required and in accordance with this article and use of sick leave beyond that accrued by the employee may be considered abuse of sick leave and grounds for disciplinary actions. Justification regarding care of immediate family member: The Department Head or designee may require that an employee state the need for the employee's absence for the personal care of a member of their immediate family.

Examples of Extensive in a sentence

  • Extensive legislation affecting the financial services industry has recently been adopted in regions that directly or indirectly affect the Group’s business, including Spain, the United States, the European Union, Latin America and other jurisdictions, and new regulations are in the process of being implemented.

  • Extensive cover of native plants often can be achieved during the first growing season.Often, noxious weed control via herbicides, mowing, or pruning is necessary during the first several years.

  • If the goals of the PIA are not met or the faculty member receives a second annual performance rating of less than “satisfactory” within a five year period, they will be required to undergo an Extensive Review process (as specified in APS 5008).

  • Extensive time has been spent completing Land Access Agreements with landowners through the Beau and Arkun areas.

  • Extensive engineering evaluations of the stabilizing effect of large woody debris have been conducted at the National Sedimentation Laboratory in Mississippi and elsewhere throughout the US.

More Definitions of Extensive

Extensive means large, far reaching, comprehensive.
Extensive means in excess of six (6) incidents of sick leave usage in a 12- month period.
Extensive means that the property Ei (italic letters) is proportional to the size of the system.
Extensive growth means the extension of IBC to new areas of economic and
Extensive means proportional to the total electron number N , and “super-extensive” quadratic in N .
Extensive means A incessantB widespread C ineffective D permanent
Extensive means aquaculture undertaken without providing supplementary food for fish that are being cultured.