Exposed definition

Exposed means not installed underground or "concealed" as defined above.
Exposed means "not concealed" as defined above. Work in trenches, crawl spaces, and tunnels shall be considered "exposed" unless otherwise specifically noted. Work located in mechanical rooms, accessible attics, open storage rooms, janitor’s closets, on the roof or anywhere outdoors shall be considered “exposed”.
Exposed means any area or location subjected to Boll Weevil infestation.

Examples of Exposed in a sentence

Exposed earth in unvented crawl space foundations shall be covered with a continuous Class I vapor retarder.

Exposed Surfaces in Finished Areas: Clean exposed surfaces and protect as necessary to ensure freedom from damage and deterioration at time of Substantial Completion.

Exposed and infectious populationFigure 5: Isolation through testing and contact tracing.

Exposed controls are actuated by selecting the Expose toggle on selected UI components.

Angela Betancourt et al, “Proteomic Analysis in Mammary Glands of Rat Offspring Exposed in utero to Bisphenol A,”Journal of Proteomics 73: 1241-1253, 18 April 2010.

More Definitions of Exposed

Exposed. - means "not concealed" as previously defined.
Exposed means subjected to a causative agent which may cause the exposed animal to contract a contagious, infectious or communicable disease.
Exposed means at risk for contracting the disease, as defined by regulations of the state department.
Exposed means visible in the finished work.