Exposed definition

Exposed means not installed underground or "concealed" as defined above.
Exposed means any area or location subjected to Boll Weevil infestation.
Exposed means "not concealed" as defined above. Work in trenches, crawl spaces, and tunnels shall be considered "exposed" unless otherwise specifically noted. Work located in mechanical rooms, accessible attics, open storage rooms, janitor’s closets, on the roof or anywhere outdoors shall be considered “exposed”.

Examples of Exposed in a sentence

  • Exposed surfaces or rubble masonry shall be pointed using 1:3 cement mortar to have a pleasing appearance provided it is left un-plastered with cement mortar.

  • Exposed surface means exposed to air or water or any other gaseous or liquid medium.

  • Description: Exposed water-closet flushometer for wall hung top spud bowls.

  • Source of Contribution Payments continuedPolitically Exposed Person Is any party to this application, Yes No a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)or a close associate/family member of a PEP?All the UAE authorised life companies are required to identify any parties to the application who are Politically Exposed Persons (“PEP”) and request enhanced due diligence.

  • Exposed Door Faces: Fabricate from cold-rolled steel.B. Frames: Fabricate from cold-rolled or hot-rolled steel.

More Definitions of Exposed

Exposed. - means "not concealed" as previously defined.
Exposed means at risk for contracting a disease, as defined by regulations of the state department.
Exposed means visible in the finished work.
Exposed means capable of being contacted inadvertently. Applied to hazardous objects not adequately guarded or isolated.
Exposed means to have been