Affordable housing project definition

Affordable housing project means, for purposes of this part, title fourteen of article twenty seven of the environmental conservation law and section twenty-one of the tax law only, a project that is developed for residential use or mixed residential use that must include affordable residential rental units and/or affordable home ownership units.
Affordable housing project or “project” means:
Affordable housing project means a project in which:

Examples of Affordable housing project in a sentence

  • The Company is recognising a contract asset in its statement of financial position to account for the Affordable housing project during its construction period.

  • The county fiscal incentives shall be in the form of a grant or low-interest loan to an Affordable housing project.

  • Affordable housing project owners who are awarded an allocation of tax credits from HHFDC find investors for the tax credits to generate equity financing.

  • Matching funds investments by both the county and the city also shall be a grant or low interest deferred loan to the Affordable housing project.

  • The case was presented by the PP and their consultant wherein PP submitted following salient features of the project: Environmental Clearance for Proposed Affordable housing project ‘ Kshipra Parisar’ at Lodha Colony under Pradhanmantri Awas Yojna by M/s.

More Definitions of Affordable housing project

Affordable housing project means a development or redevelopment that provides housing and incidental facilities for persons of low and moderate income.
Affordable housing project means a qualified low-income housing project, as defined by Section 42(g) of the Code, located in the State.[PL 2019, c. 555, §6 (NEW).]
Affordable housing project means housing accommodations and incidental facilities primarily for persons of low and moderate income.
Affordable housing project means all the Affordable Housing granted approval by a single preliminary plat approved by the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners.
Affordable housing project means a residential or primarily residential project, as determined by the Review Authority, within which 100% of the residential units are Affordable Units.
Affordable housing project means housing projects where 35% of the houses are constructed for EWS category;
Affordable housing project means a housing project which targets low income households by providing affordable rent levels, provided: