Projects definition

Projects means the projects identified in Exhibit A to the Agreement and all other projects, any costs of which are included in a Transitional Capital Plan pursuant to the Act or are Recovery Costs, and financed, by payment or reimbursement, with the proceeds of Bonds or Notes.
Projects means any and all parcels of real property owned by the Borrower or with respect to which the Borrower owns an interest (whether directly or indirectly) on which are located improvements with a gross leasable area in excess of 50,000 sq. ft. or with respect to which construction and development of such improvements are under development.
Projects means the Grid Connected Solar PV Project(s);

Examples of Projects in a sentence

  • Contract – Refers to the agreement entered into between the Procuring Entity and the Supplier or Manufacturer or Distributor or Service Provider for procurement of Goods and Services; Contractor for Procurement of Infrastructure Projects; or Consultant or Consulting Firm for Procurement of Consulting Services; as the case may be, as recorded in the Contract Form signed by the parties, including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein.

  • However, the selection of Projects would be technology agnostic within PV technology and crystalline silicon or thin film, etc.

  • The successful bidder shall set up Solar PV Power Project(s) including the transmission/Distribution network up to the Delivery Point in line with Section 3.7, at its own cost (including but not limited to open access charges till the delivery point) and in accordance to the provisions of this RfS document.

  • For guidelines on the use of Bidding Forms and the procurement of Foreign-Assisted Projects, these will be covered by a separate issuance of the Government Procurement Policy Board.

  • The bidders selected by MSEDCL based on this RfS, shall set up Solar Power Projects in accordance with the provisions of this RfS document and Draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

More Definitions of Projects

Projects shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3(a).
Projects means, collectively, the undertakings described in Sub-schedule “C.1” (Project Description and Financial Information).
Projects means, collectively, the undertakings described in Sub-schedule “C.1” (Project Description, Budget, and Timelines), and “Project” means any one of them.
Projects has the meaning provided in Section 1.2. Project Objective(s) has the meaning provided in Section 1.2.
Projects means more than one project.
Projects has the meaning given in paragraph 1 of the Preliminary Statements to this Agreement, and shall include all related interconnection facilities, and all other rights necessary for the ownership and operation of the Projects and the sale of power from the Projects.
Projects means, collectively, the Academic Facilities Projects, the Auxiliary Facilities Projects and any other projects for which the proceeds of the Thirty-Seventh Resolution Bonds are authorized to be used.