Personal Care Sample Clauses

Personal Care. Personal assistance, stand-by assistance, supervision or cues (such as with eating, bathing, toileting, transferring in/out of bed/chair, walking, dressing, grooming).
Personal Care. (3.2) This service provides assistance to maintain bodily hygiene, personal safety, and activities of daily living (ADL). These tasks are limited to nonmedical personal services: feeding, bathing, oral hygiene, grooming, dressing, care of and assistance with prosthetic devices, rubbing skin to promote circulation, turning in bed and other types of repositioning, assisting the individual with walking, and moving the individual from place to place (e.g. transferring). Client instruction in self-care and with meal preparation may also be provided. This service may also include such housekeeping chores as bedmaking, dusting and vacuuming, which are essential to the health and welfare of the recipient.
Personal Care. On a regular or predictable basis, teachers shall not be called upon to:
Personal Care. Hair Dryers Hair Curlers Curling Wands and Brushes Make up Mirrors Nail, Face, Feet and Body Care Products Massagers FANS AND HEATERS: Portable Cooling Fans Portable Room Heaters and Heater/Fan Combinations ELECTRIC AIR CLEANERS AND HUMIDIFIERS: Humidifiers Air Cleaners 23 SCHEDULE 1.2 DISCOUNT DEPARTMENT STORES Ames Xxxt. Stores Baby Superstore Best Buy Best Products Co. Bradlees Caldor Corp. Circuit City Stores Comp USA Consolidated Stores Daytxx Xxxxxx/Xxxget Dollar General Dollar Tree Stores Duckxxxx-XXXO Stores Farmily Bargain Family Dollar 50-Off Stores Fred's Good Guys Hills Home Shopping Network L. Lxxxx & Xon Lechters Loehxxxx'x Xxx. MacFrugal's Bargains Melville Corp. Meyex (Xxed) Montxxxxxx Xxxds 99 Cents Only Office Depot OfficeMax Pamida Phar-Mor Price Costco Robexxx Xxxx Xxxres S & K Famous Brands Sears Service Merchandise ShopKo Stores Staples Tops Appliance City Toys "R" Us Tuesday Morning Value City Dept. Stores Venture Waban Wal-Mart Stores Woolworth 24 EXHIBIT B PURCHASE ORDER TERMS AND CONDITIONS Vendor and Kmart Corporation, 3100 Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000-0000, ("Buyer") agree, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to be bound by all terms and conditions contained or incorporated herein, all of which are a part of each Purchase Order issued to Vendor by Buyer ("Order") and should be carefully read. Any provisions in Vendor's invoices, billing statements, acknowledgment forms or similar documents which are inconsistent with the provision of an Order shall be of no force or effect. The cost price set forth in each Order includes the cost of manufacturing, packaging, labeling and shipping unless otherwise specified in the Order.
Personal Care. ❑ Assist with transfers from chairs, bath, etc. ❑ Assist with bathing ❑ Assist with toileting ❑ Assist with dressing ❑ Assist with walking ❑ Assist with exercises ❑ Assist with personal grooming ❑ Observe and record any health or behavior changes Meals and Nutrition ❑ Plan meals and snacks a day ❑ Prepare and serve food ❑ Assist with feeding ❑ Clean, dry and put away dishes ❑ Wipe counters and stove ❑ Grocery shopping General Duties ❑ Clean bathtub, toilet and sink ❑ Empty trash cans and take out garbage ❑ Sort recycling items ❑ Care for pets ❑ Wash, dry, fold and put away laundry ❑ Vacuum carpets and sweep floors ❑ General dusting & cleaning of home surfaces ❑ Secure home when leaving ❑ Water plants and/or maintain garden ❑ Shovel and/or de-ice steps Health Care These services should be provided by a licensed therapist or nurse. It is advised to see a current license and make a copy. ❑ Speech therapyWound care or bandaging ❑ Rehabilitative or therapeutic physical ❑ Occupational therapy ❑ Medication prompting Providing Transportation* ❑ Employee will be provided a vehicle ❑ Beauty or personal care ❑ Social visits to family and friendsMedical and dental appointments ❑ Arranging for alternative transportation ❑ Faith-based events * If a vehicle is not provided, any miles driven while on the clock using the employee’s car will be reimbursed at the IRS Mileage Reimbursement Rate of 58.5 cents per mile. This covers the cost of gasoline, as well as general wear and tear on the vehicle. Employee will maintain and mileage log and submit to employer for reimbursement at the end of the pay period. Additional timelines and instructions are attached in the Senior Care Rules and Daily Schedule
Personal Care. Include some assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, ambulation, transferring, feeding, medication acquisition, storage and disposal, assistance with self- administration of medication.
Personal Care. Attendant the event Tenant or a household member has a disability and as a consequence of that disability requires the services of a full-time, live-in personal care attendant, any such personal care attendant, who is not paid for the fair value of his or her services to the pg. 3 Federal Lease disabled person, must be approved as an additional household member pursuant to Section X ll of this lease prior to his or her residing in the leased premises. Any such full-time, live-in personal care attendant, who is to be paid for the fair value of his or her services to the disabled person, shall be screened in the same manner as an applicant for public housing and, if he or she is found to be qualified, he or she may reside in the premises without being added as a household member but at NHA's request shall verify that he or she is working full-time as a personal care attendant for the disabled person and is receiving wages for the fair value of these services.
Personal Care. Student must maintain reasonable standards of personal care without requiring the assistance of housing personnel or other students/occupants. Because PRI does not provide attendants for students requiring assistance with personal care, such students must arrange for attendant services at their own expense.
Personal Care. Personal care is the hands-on, physical assistance of another person without which the insured would be unable to perform an activity of daily living. A written plan for qualified long-term care services prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner based upon an assessment indicating the insured is a chronically ill individual. This plan of care must specify the type, frequency, and most appropriate types of providers of all the services the insured person requires. PROOF OF LOSS Proof of loss means detailed written documentation satisfactory to us which describes and confirms the insured is chronically ill and is receiving care that is covered by this agreement. This documentation includes, but is not limited to:
Personal Care. Are there requirements for additional support with or supervision during, daily personal care tasks? (e.g. nose-blowing, handwashing, menstruation management, continence care, oral eating & drinking) YES NO Provide details of personal care requirements: