Experience definition

Experience in relation to an enrolled nurse, or assistant in nursing/ midwifery means experience before and/or after the commencement of this Agreement whether within New South Wales or elsewhere and in the case of an enrolled nurse or assistant in nursing/midwifery who was formerly a student nurse includes experience as such student nurse. For the purpose of determining the year of experience for part time or casual employment, a year of experience shall be 1976 hours of employment.
Experience. 1st 2nd Shift 3rd Shift Level (Hours) Shift Shift Overtime Shift Overtime $0.85 Penalty Basic Clerk 4,000 or more $26.53 $35.37 $39.80 $42.36 $47.50 2,001-4,000 22.35 29.80 33.53 35.68 39.98 1,001-2,000 20.35 27.13 30.53 32.48 36.38 0-1,000 19.35 25.80 29.03 30.88 34.58 15% ($3.40) Clerk Supervisor 4,000 or more $29.93 $39.91 $44.90 $47.81 $53.62 2,001-4,000 25.75 34.33 38.63 41.12 46.10 1,001-2,000 23.75 31.67 35.63 37.92 42.50 0-1,000 22.75 30.33 34.13 36.32 40.70 25% ($5.67) Kitchen Tower Computer Clerk 4,000 or more $32.20 $42.93 $48.30 $51.44 $57.71 2,001-4,000 28.02 37.36 42.03 44.75 50.18 1,001-2,000 26.02 34.69 39.03 41.55 46.58 0-1,000 25.02 33.36 37.53 39.95 44.78 30% ($6.80) Chief Supervisor and Supercargo 4,000 or more $33.33 $44.44 $50.00 $53.25 $59.75 2,001-4,000 29.15 38.87 43.73 46.56 52.22 1,001-2,000 27.15 36.20 40.73 43.36 48.62 0-1,000 26.15 34.87 39.23 41.76 46.82 1997-1999 WAGE SCHEDULE Effective 8:00 a.m., June 28, 1997 1st & 2nd 3rd
Experience means the practical knowledge or skill gained from documented direct participation in working with children birth through second grade in a group setting for early care and education positions or with children kindergarten through sixth grade in a group setting for school-age positions.

Examples of Experience in a sentence

  • In case any bidder is seeking exemption from Turnover / Experience Criteria, the supporting documents to prove his eligibility for exemption must be uploaded for evaluation by the buyer.

  • Estimated Bid Value indicated above is being declared solely for the purpose of guidance on EMD amount and for determining the Eligibility Criteria related to Turn Over, Past Performance and Project / Past Experience etc.

  • Experience Criteria: In respect of the filter applied for experience criteria, the Bidder or its OEM {themselves or through reseller(s)} should have regularly, manufactured and supplied same or similar Category Products to any Central / State Govt Organization / PSU / Public Listed Company for number of Financial years as indicated above in the bid document before the bid opening date.

  • If the bidder is a Micro or Small Enterprise as per latest definitions under MSME rules, the bidder shall be exempted from the requirement of "Bidder Turnover" criteria and "Experience Criteria".

  • If the bidder is a Startup, the bidder shall be exempted from the requirement of "Bidder Turnover" criteria and "Experience Criteria".

More Definitions of Experience

Experience means “earned premiums” and “incurred claims” during the experience period.
Experience as used in this chapter, means experience in interpersonal relationships, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, direct counseling, and nonclinical practice that satisfies the requirements for licensure as a marriage and family therapist pursuant to Section 4980.40.
Experience means the total period or periods of employment of an employee in the Clothing Industry and/or Bespoke Tailoring Industry and/or private dressmaking and/or knitting industry in any capacity or capacities: Provided that, for the purpose of computing an employee's experience, employment for 16 weeks in any half-year shall be deemed to have been employment for the whole half-year: Provided further that a trainee in his first half-year of employment, although having less than 16 weeks, but more than 13 weeks' experience on the last day of the half-year, shall be deemed to have been in employment for the whole half-year: Provided further that the trial period of an employee in terms of clause 14 (1) (b) (iii) shall be deemed to be experience only if the contract of service is confirmed:
Experience means the total length of all periods of employment which an employee (in the occupation in which he is engaged) has had in any industry;
Experience means earned premiums and incurred losses during the experience period.
Experience means experience at any such work in any workplace subject to this Agreement within the last five (5) years, excluding any unpaid leave.
Experience means the total length of all periods of employment in the Industry of an employee in respect of whom wages are specified in this part of the Agreement, and shall be deemed to be continuous from the time the employee enters his employer's service until the time such service is terminated: Provided that an employee whose services are terminated at the end of his employer's working year and who resumes work with his former employer within 14 days of the re-opening of the employer's factory shall be deemed to have worked continuously;