The Second Party Sample Clauses

The Second Party. In this Agreement the following terms and expressions shall have the meaning indicated alongside them, unless the written context requires otherwise:
The Second Party. On the succeeding clauses:
The Second Party. The Second Party covenants to use its best efforts to cause $500,000 of investment to be made into the Company according to the schedule set forth in Section 1 of this Agreement.
The Second Party. The Second Party covenants to transfer the following free and clear brands and related assets to the Company within ten (10) days after the Closing of the Exchange, as consideration for 800 newly issued shares of Series C Preferred issued by the Company (collectively, the “Assets”): All of Second Party’s right, title and interest in including but not limited to:
The Second Party. The Second Party covenants to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
The Second Party. The Second Party shall invest and expand its existing solar cell and module production lines, to fulfill the Third Party’s demand; the investment of Phase 1 is approximately US$50M. Move of its headquarters to the development zone before end of 2009, also move other production lines (in China) to the Development Zone. Privileged & Confidential

Related to The Second Party

  • Provision of Certain Information by the Adviser The Adviser will promptly notify the Subadviser in writing of the occurrence of any of the following events:

  • PROVISION OF CERTAIN INFORMATION BY SUBADVISER The Subadviser will promptly notify the Adviser in writing of the occurrence of any of the following events:

  • PROCEDURE FOR INDEMNIFICATION--THIRD PARTY CLAIMS (a) Promptly after receipt by an indemnified party under Section 10.2, 10.4, or (to the extent provided in the last sentence of Section 10.3) Section 10.3 of notice of the commencement of any Proceeding against it, such indemnified party will, if a claim is to be made against an indemnifying party under such Section, give notice to the indemnifying party of the commencement of such claim, but the failure to notify the indemnifying party will not relieve the indemnifying party of any liability that it may have to any indemnified party, except to the extent that the indemnifying party demonstrates that the defense of such action is prejudiced by the indemnifying party's failure to give such notice.

  • PROVISION OF CERTAIN INFORMATION BY ADVISER The Adviser will promptly notify the Manager in writing of the occurrence of any of the following events:

  • Reliance on Third Parties Subject to paragraph 3 of Article 4, regardless of whether an election is made under paragraph E of section I of this Annex I, either Party may permit Reporting Financial Institutions to rely on due diligence procedures performed by third parties to the extent provided in the U.S. Treasury Regulations. ANNEX II

  • Reliance on Third Party Service Providers Each Party may allow Reporting Financial Institutions to use third party service providers to fulfill the obligations imposed on such Reporting Financial Institutions by a Party, as contemplated in this Agreement, but these obligations shall remain the responsibility of the Reporting Financial Institutions.

  • Indemnification by Licensor Licensor represents and warrants that: (i) it is the owner of the Trademarks; (ii) the Trademarks are valid; and (iii) the Trademarks are, to the best of Licensor's knowledge, free from any claim by any third party that would unreasonably interfere with the rights granted to Licensee under this Agreement. Licensor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Licensee, its subsidiaries and affiliates, their respective shareholders and the agents, officers, directors and employees of each against and from all claims or suits (provided prompt notice of each such claim or suit which comes to the attention of Licensee is given to Licensor by Licensee) arising solely and directly out of the authorized use of the Trademarks on or in connection with the Products by Licensee in the Territory, but in no event shall such indemnification include consequential damages, including, but not limited to compensation or reimbursement for loss of prospective profits, anticipated sales or other losses occasioned by termination of this Agreement or any other reason(s). Licensor shall have the option to settle or to undertake and conduct the defense of any such claim or suit. Licensee may, through counsel of Licensee's own choice and at its own expense, participate in any such claim or suit, but in such event Licensor shall have sole and exclusive control over such defense, and Licensor's decisions with respect thereto shall govern and control. Licensee expressly covenants that no discussions by Licensee whatsoever with any and all claimants and litigants, no compromise or settlement by Licensee of any claim or suit and no negotiations by Licensee with respect to any compromise or settlement shall be had, made or entered into without the prior written approval of Licensor.

  • PROCEDURE UPON APPLICATION FOR INDEMNIFICATION 12.1 A determination, if required by applicable law, with respect to Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification shall be made in the specific case by one of the following methods, which shall be at the election of Indemnitee: (i) by a majority vote of the Disinterested Directors, even though less than a quorum of the Board (ii) by Independent Counsel in a written opinion to the Board, a copy of which shall be delivered to Indemnitee; or (iii) by vote of the shareholders by ordinary resolution. The Company will promptly advise Indemnitee in writing with respect to any determination that Indemnitee is or is not entitled to indemnification, including a description of any reason or basis for which indemnification has been denied. If it is so determined that Indemnitee is entitled to indemnification, payment to Indemnitee shall be made within ten (10) days after such determination. Indemnitee shall reasonably cooperate with the person, persons or entity making such determination with respect to Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification, including providing to such person, persons or entity upon reasonable advance request any documentation or information which is not privileged or otherwise protected from disclosure and which is reasonably available to Indemnitee and reasonably necessary to such determination. Any costs or Expenses (including attorneys’ fees and disbursements) incurred by Indemnitee in so cooperating with the person, persons or entity making such determination shall be borne by the Company (irrespective of the determination as to Indemnitee’s entitlement to indemnification) and the Company hereby agrees to indemnify and to hold Indemnitee harmless therefrom.

  • Procedures upon Application for Indemnification (a) To obtain indemnification, Indemnitee shall submit to the Company a written request, including therein or therewith such documentation and information as is reasonably available to Indemnitee and as is reasonably necessary to determine whether and to what extent Indemnitee is entitled to indemnification following the final disposition of the Proceeding. Any delay in providing the request will not relieve the Company from its obligations under this Agreement, except to the extent such failure is prejudicial.

  • Indemnification by Licensee Subject to Article 14, Licensee hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Geron and its Affiliates; the University of Colorado; University License Equity Holdings, Inc. (the successor to University Technology Corporation); and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and each of their directors, officers, employees, and agents (collectively, the “Geron Indemnified Parties”) from and against any Damages with respect to any Claims made by any Third Party and (a) arising from or based on a material breach of Licensee’s representations and warranties contained in Section 11.1; or (b) resulting from personal injury, product liability or property damage relating to or arising from: (i) the manufacture, use, promotion or sale of any Licensed Product by Licensee or its sublicensees; or (ii) the use by any person of a Licensed Product made, created, sold or otherwise transferred by Licensee or its sublicensees; or (c) based on or resulting from the breach of this Agreement by Licensee or the negligence or willful misconduct of Licensee or its sublicensee in the performance of their respective obligations or the exercise of their respective rights relating to this Agreement; provided that such indemnification obligation shall not apply to Damages incurred by a Geron Indemnified Party to the extent such Geron Indemnified Party is adjudicated (in a final non-appealable judgment) to have acted in a negligent or willfully wrongful manner.