Security Deposit definition

Security Deposit means the deposit to be held by the owner as security for the due performance of the contractual obligations.
Security Deposit means any refundable deposit of money that is furnished by a tenant to a landlord
Security Deposit shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 3.5.

Examples of Security Deposit in a sentence

  • If the Basic Monthly Rent shall, from time to time, increase during the Term, then, upon demand by Landlord, Tenant shall deposit with Landlord cash in an amount necessary to increase the Security Deposit such that it shall at all times bear the same proportion to the then‑current Basic Monthly Rent as the initial Security Deposit bears to the initial Basic Monthly Rent.

  • Within 45 days following the Expiration Date or earlier termination of this Lease, Landlord shall deliver to Tenant, at Xxxxxx's last known address, any portion of the Security Deposit not used by Landlord, as provided in this Paragraph.

  • If any Security Deposit or prepaid Rent has been paid by Tenant or if a Letter of Credit has been issued pursuant to this Lease, Landlord may transfer the Security Deposit and/or 1 month prepaid Rent or Letter of Credit, if applicable to Landlord's successor‑in‑interest and on such transfer Landlord shall be discharged from any further liability arising from the Security Deposit or such prepaid Rent or Letter of Credit, if applicable.

  • Furthermore, upon lawful termination of the Lease as a result of Tenant’s default, Landlord shall be entitled to immediately apply the Security Deposit against damages computed under California Civil Code Section 1951.2, without the requirement that Tenant first be given notice and an opportunity to cure, and notwithstanding that the damages have not been finally adjudicated by a court.

  • Upon demand by Landlord, Tenant shall promptly pay to Landlord a sum equal to any portion of the Security Deposit so used by Landlord, in order to maintain the Security Deposit in the amount set forth in the Principal Lease Provisions above (subject to increase as set forth below).

More Definitions of Security Deposit

Security Deposit means an amount of money you must pay to us before we supply Energy to you (and which we hold as a deposit);
Security Deposit means a refundable payment or deposit of money, however designated, the primary function of which is to secure the performance of a rental agreement or any part of a rental agreement. “Security deposit” does not include a fee.
Security Deposit means, with respect to any Lease Agreement, the refundable security deposit specified in such Lease Agreement.
Security Deposit means a deposit, in any amount, paid by the tenant to the landlord or his or her agent to be held for the term of the rental agreement, or any part of the term, and includes any required prepayment of rent other than the first full rental period of the lease agreement; any sum required to be paid as rent in any rental period in excess of the average rent for the term; and any other amount of money or property returnable to the tenant on condition of return of the rental unit by the tenant in condition as required by the rental agreement. Security deposit does not include either of the following:
Security Deposit means a refundable payment or deposit of money, however designated,
Security Deposit means any deposit of money or property to secure performance by the tenant under a rental agreement.
Security Deposit means a cash deposit, or a letter of credit or similar evidence of indebtedness held by a Seller under a Lease as security for the obligations of the Tenant under such Lease.