Security Deposit definition

Security Deposit means the deposit to be held by the owner as security for the due performance of the contractual obligations.
Security Deposit means any refundable deposit of money that is furnished by a tenant to a landlord
Security Deposit means an amount of money you must pay to us before we supply Energy to you (and which we hold as a deposit);

Examples of Security Deposit in a sentence

  • All compensation or other sums of money payable by the contractors to the clients, under the terms of this contract, may be deducted from the Security Deposit or from any sum that may be or may become due to the contractor on any account whatsoever, and in the event of the Security deposit being reduced by reasons of any such deductions, the contractor shall within 15 days of being asked to do so make good in cash or cheque, any sum which have been deducted from his security deposit.

  • In case the total penalty levied on the Bidder exceeds Rupees Two lakhs during the contract period, the contract is liable to be terminated at the risk and cost of the Bidder in which case Security deposit furnished by the Bidder shall be forfeited and the Bidder shall be blacklisted for a period which may extend up to 5 years.

  • If at any stage it is found that the information supplied by the Bidder is incorrect FCI reserves the right to initiate appropriate legal proceedings including Termination of the contract & forfeiture of Security deposit.

  • Security deposit: - The contractor will have to pay the 100.00 % Security Deposit at 5.00% of the order value by demand draft in the name of ‘GUJARAT ENERGY TRANSMISSION CORPORATION LTD’ within 10 days from the date of the issue of LOI, higher percentage of security deposit may be fixed at the direction of The Superintending Engineer.

  • In case the contractor desires to renew the same, he shall convey the same to the Management in writing prior to completion of the contact period / by giving one month notice and if Contractor will not complete the full contract than Security deposit will be forfeit and bidder will not be considered in future tender process.

More Definitions of Security Deposit

Security Deposit means a refundable payment or deposit of money, however designated, the primary function of which is to secure the performance of a rental agreement or any part of a rental agreement. “Security deposit” does not include a fee.
Security Deposit means a deposit, in any amount, paid by the tenant to the landlord or his or her agent to be held for the term of the rental agreement, or any part of the term, and includes any required prepayment of rent other than the first full rental period of the lease agreement; any sum required to be paid as rent in any rental period in excess of the average rent for the term; and any other amount of money or property returnable to the tenant on condition of return of the rental unit by the tenant in condition as required by the rental agreement. Security deposit does not include either of the following:
Security Deposit means a refundable payment or deposit of money, however designated,
Security Deposit means any deposit of money or property to secure performance by the tenant under a rental agreement.
Security Deposit means any refundable deposit of money that is furnished by a tenant to a landlord to secure the performance of the terms and conditions of a rental agreement, as a security for damages to the leased premises, or as a pet deposit. However, such money shall be deemed an application deposit until the commencement date of the rental agreement. Security deposit shall not include a damage insurance policy or renter's insurance policy as those terms are defined in § 55-248.7:2 purchased by a landlord to provide coverage for a tenant.
Security Deposit means, the interest free security deposit to be furnished and maintained by the Concessionaire to Authority, at all times during the Concession Term, in the manner as set out herein and in the Agreement.
Security Deposit. The funds specified in Section 1.01(10), if any, deposited by Tenant with Landlord as security for Tenant's performance of its obligations under this Lease.