Clause 6 Sample Clauses

Clause 6. Contract agreement The contractor shall, when called upon so to do by the Engineer-in-charge enter into and execute a contract agreement in the form annexed. Clause 7: Performance security In every case where performance security has been provided, as specified in item (h) of Memorandum of Work, contractor shall furnish/maintain the performance security for the extended period of completion under Clause 37 of the Agreement. All compensations or the sums of money payable by the contractor under the terms of this contract may be deducted from or paid by the sale of sufficient part of his performance security, and in the event of his performance security reduced by reason of any such deduction or sale as aforesaid the contractor shall within ten days thereafter make good in cash or other securities as aforesaid any sum or sums which may have been deducted from, or raised by sale of performance security or any part thereof. The performance security deposit / additional performance security deposit lodged by a contractor (in cash or/other form) shall be refunded to him after the expiry of three months after the issue of the certificate of completion of the work under Clause 40 hereof by the Engineer-in-charge or along with the final bill if it is prepared after that period on account of some unavoidable circumstances. Clause 8:
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Clause 6. 1. shall not prohibit the use or disclosure of information: which is in or comes into the public domain without breach of this agreement by the recipient thereof (“the Recipient”); which is lawfully acquired by the Recipient from any third party who did not directly or indirectly acquire the same from the party to this agreement disclosing the same (“the Discloser”) subject to any obligations of confidentiality; which is not of a confidential or trade secret nature; if and to the extent required by any law or regulatory rule, provided that unless not practicable/ permissible in the circumstances the Recipient shall give the Discloser notice of any such proposed disclosure before the same is made.
Clause 6. 1.2 shall not exclude or restrict:
Clause 6. 9.1(a) above shall not oblige the Lender to do anything which would or might in its reasonable opinion constitute a breach of:
Clause 6. 1 shall not apply if and to the extent that the Party using or disclosing Confidential Information or making such announcement can demonstrate that:
Clause 6. 2.1: The security to be provided by the Contractor shall be a performance guarantee of 10% of the Contract Sum.
Clause 6. 2.1 shall not prohibit disclosure or use of any information if and to the extent:
Clause 6. 4 applies where the rights of the Administrative Agent under Clause 6.2 are so extensive in relation to a body corporate which has issued Affected Securities (the “Issuer”) that:
Clause 6. 12.1 shall not apply to disclosure of any matter or information: