Executive Engineer definition

Executive Engineer means the Executive Engineer, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan for the time being in charge of the Central Store Division, Uttarakhand Jal Sansthan, Uttarakhand.
Executive Engineer means the Executive Engineer, Kerala Water Authority, who is responsible for the execution of the project.
Executive Engineer means the Executive Engineer, PCNTDA

Examples of Executive Engineer in a sentence

  • Such CC are to be issued by an officer/authority not below the rank of Executive Engineer / Divisional Engineer /District Engineer/Project Manager of the State/Union Government Departments/ Organisations; authorised signatories of CC for Panchayat Samities and Municipalities shall be the BDO & Executive Officers or equivalent administrative officers respectively.

  • This register shall be checked and signed by Engineer in charge and Executive Engineer during the site visit.

  • As soon as the successful bidder is awarded the contract (AOC), the same will be deposited to the specific head of security deposit against concerned operating code of the Executive Engineer.

  • Flow chart of the Procurement process/ contract shall be supplied by the contractor and approved by Executive Engineer concerned.

  • Execution of works - The whole of the work shall be carried on and completed in a substantial and workman like manner in accordance with the specification and the terms of the agreement or the direction of the Executive Engineer referred to above, to the satisfaction of the Chief Municipal Engineer or any other officer representing him within months from the date of Work Order from the Engineer and the work must be commenced within 5 days from the receipt of the same.

More Definitions of Executive Engineer

Executive Engineer means Executive Engineer of M.P. Bhawan.
Executive Engineer means the officer of the Military Engineer Services of that grade, having charge of the military works in a cantonment or where more than one such officer has charge of the military works in a cantonment such one of those officers as the Officer Commanding
Executive Engineer means the Executive Engineer, PMRDA
Executive Engineer means Executive Engineer-in-Charge of the M.P. Bhawan.
Executive Engineer means the authorized Officer of the University, who possess the role of Controlling and Co-ordination between University, Consultants and Contractor.
Executive Engineer means the In-charge Executive Engineer of the Institute, who as overall In-charge and head of the Institute Works Department shall direct the contract.
Executive Engineer means Executive Engineer, BDA.