Service Areas definition

Service Areas means those areas within the Building used for stairs, elevator shafts, flues, vents, stacks, pipe shafts and other vertical penetrations (but shall not include any such areas for the exclusive use of a particular tenant).
Service Areas means the areas within (and measured from the exterior surface of the interior walls enclosing, or from the inside surface of the exterior glass or wall enclosing, as the case may be) Building stairs, elevator shafts, flues, vents, stacks, pipe shafts and vertical ducts. Areas for the specific use of Tenant or other tenants of the Building or installed at the request of Tenant, such as special stairs or elevators, are not included within the definition of Service Areas.
Service Areas means those areas, spaces, facilities and equipment serving the Building (whether or not located within the Building), but to which Tenant and other occupants of the Building will not have access, including, but not limited to, service elevators, mechanical, telephone, electrical, janitorial and similar rooms and air and water refrigeration equipment.

Examples of Service Areas in a sentence

  • Use of Basement and Service Areas: The basement(s) and service areas, if any, as located within the (project name), shall be earmarked for purposes such as parking spaces and services including but not limited to electric sub-station, transformer, DG set rooms, underground water tanks, pump rooms, maintenance and service rooms, firefighting pumps and equipment’s etc.

  • The SNEMT funding comes from Tobacco Settlement Revenues (TSR), and Xxxxxxx X0, among three (3) Service Areas in the COUNTY.

  • The Town properties within Non-annexed City Service Areas will not be required to annex to the City in order to receive City Sanitary sewers.

  • In the event that any of the properties in the Non-annexed City Service Areas require water service from the City, they shall be required to annex to the City upon receipt of that service.

  • The areas shown in yellow on Map Exhibit A, a total of approximately 32 acres, shall be “Town Service Areas.” Within the Town Service Areas, when sanitary sewer is available (meaning the area is included in the Sewer Service Area boundaries established by the East Central Regional Planning Commission and sewer main is installed to a location that could accommodate hook-ups), the Town Sanitary District(s) will provide sewer hook- ups to Town properties.

More Definitions of Service Areas

Service Areas means the locations, facilities, or equipment on which Basic Services shall be performed, which locations, facilities, or equipment are set forth on Schedule A-2. Additional Areas are considered Service Areas during the period Additional Services are requested thereon.
Service Areas means those areas within the outside walls used for elevator mechanical rooms, building stairs, fire towers, elevator shafts, flues, vents, stacks, pipe shafts and vertical ducts (but excluding any such areas for the exclusive use of a particular tenant).
Service Areas means the area of corridors, elevator, lobbies, service elevator lobbies, washrooms, air-cooling rooms, fan rooms, janitor's closets, telephone and electrical closets and other closets serving the Leased Premises in common with other premises on the same floor.
Service Areas means, if any, those areas identified in Scope of Supply and Specific Instructions document at which the Supplier or Service Provider is required to render the Services;
Service Areas means any kitchen area, storage area, record room, etc. (which may be located within or outside passenger terminal building) as Authority may allow access to pursuant to the grant of Concession and accepted by the Concessionaire in relation to implementing the Concession.
Service Areas means the geographic areas in which the Contractor serves eligible clients as described in this Contract.
Service Areas means the areas designated as service areas by us from time to time, which includes the Driver Home Address, or other address as agreed between you and us, but does not include areas which are considered inaccessible in our opinion.