Effective April Sample Clauses

Effective April. 7, 2019, the School Division will provide each teacher assigned work for five hours or longer a thirty (30) minute rest period during each five (5) hours worked.
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Effective April. 1, 2021, a nurse shall be paid a shift premium of two dollars and twenty-five cents ($2.25) per hour for each hour worked which falls within the hours defined as an evening shift and two dollars and eight-eight cents ($2.88) for each hour worked which falls within the hours defined as a night shift provided that such hours exceed two (2) hours if worked in conjunction with the day shift. Tour differential will not form part of the nurse's straight time hourly rate. For purposes of this provision, the night shift and the evening shift each consist of 7.5 hours. The defined hours of a night and evening shift shall be a matter for local negotiation.
Effective April. 1st, 2012, full-time Employees hired into full- time Librarian positions shall have earned vacation on the following basis: After 1 years’ service 4 weeks per year or 140 hours per year After 15 years’ service 5 weeks per year or 175 hours per year After 25 years’ service 6 weeks per year or 210 hours per year
Effective April. 1, 2002 the Employers shall implement a single plan for the provision of disability benefits for eligible employees who are covered by this Agreement and whose local bargaining unit has opted into this Agreement’s Plan pursuant to Article 9.3.3.
Effective April. 1, 2001, April 1, 2002 and April 1, 2003, all steps on secondary scales will be increased by two percent (2%).
Effective April. Start NOTE 1: The above adjustments resolve the is the parties further agree that future of Pay Equity maintenance to date, and bargaining settlements or awards will be deemed to resolve any future related to Pay Equity maintenance without any specific reference to male It is understood and agreed that the parties will take into consideration issue of pay equity when tabling proposals through the normal course of bargaining. (Articles and apply to part-time only) The hourly salary rates, of the percentage in lieu of fringe benefits in effect during the term of Agreement for all regular and casual part- time nurses shall be those in accordance with the following formula: Applicable straight time hourly rate + The hourly salary rates to a regular or casual part-time nurse include compensation in lieu of all fringe benefits which are paid to full-time nurses except those provided to part-time nurses in this Agreement. It is understood agreed that holiday pay is included within the percentage in lieu of benefits. It is further understood and agreed that pension is included the percentage in lieu of fringe benefits. Notwithstanding the all part-time nurses may, on a voluntary basis, enroll in the Health Pension Plan when eligible in accordance with its terms and conditions. part-time nurses who are members of the Pension Plan, the percentage lieu of fringe benefits is nine percent (9%). It is understood and agreed the part-time nurse's hourly rate (or straight time hourly rate) in this does not include the additional or as applicable, which is in lieu of fringe benefits and accordingly the or as applicable, on payment in lieu of fringe benefits will not be included for the of computing any premium or overtime payments. The parties agree to maintain percentage differentials in the wage rates which presently exist between classification of Registered Nurse and the other classifications which are by the Collective Agreement. A nurse in the employ of the Health who holds a Temporary or Provisional Certificate of Registration as a nurse and who obtains her or his General Certificate of Registration shall be the salary of the Registered Nurse as provided in this Article effective the the nurse presents proof of obtaining her or his General Certificate of Registration to the Program Manager or her or his designate, or to the date of last hire whichever is later. Note: Where an employee is in a other than in a registered nursing position with duties and responsibilitie...
Effective April. 1, 2008 all employees in the bargaining unit shall receive an increase of 3.5% applied to their March 31, 2008 base salary or the new minimum as provided for in Paragraph A, based on the hours they work, whichever is greater.
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Effective April. 1 of each year, the College shall contribute annually to the Educational Leave Fund an amount equal to 40% of the total annual salary and benefits paid to a regular full-time employee at the top step of the salary scale. This fund will be administered by the Faculty Development Committee. Any unused monies remaining in the Educational Leave Fund at the conclusion of a fiscal year, will be carried forward to the Educational Leave Fund in the next fiscal year.
Effective April. 1, 2007, the Union will provide the Employer with a minimum of five (5) Employees that normally work within the Facility Area to participate in Weekend and Statutory Holiday
Effective April. 1, 2007, April 1, 2008, and April 1, 2009 all steps on the Technician’s Salary Schedule (except Step F1-9) shall be increased by two point 1 percent (2.1%).
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