Policy form definition

Policy form means the form on which the policy is delivered or issued for delivery by the issuer.
Policy form means the form (as defined by Iowa Code section 514D.2(2)) on which the policy (as defined by Iowa Code section 514D.2(4)) is delivered or issued for delivery by the issuer.
Policy form means a representative insurance contract which has been filed by an insurer for approval by the Wyoming insurance department pursuant to W.S. 26-15-110 so that other contracts with identical language to that of the policy form may be marketed and sold in Wyoming;

Examples of Policy form in a sentence

We shall not be liable for more than the Policy Amount shown in Schedule A of this Commitment and our liability is subject to the terms of the Policy form to be issued to you.

Certificate must specify whether coverage is written on an Occurrence or a Claims Made Policy form.

Each proposer must submit a completed Proposer’s Certification Concerning Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action Policy form included with this RFP.

We will only modify this Policy for all Insured Persons in the same class and covered under the same Policy form, and not just on an individual basis.

Any such Fidelity Bond and Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy shall be in the form of the Financial Institution Bond Form 24 Fidelity Bond American International Specialty Lines Insurance Policy form (“43350 12/90”) or otherwise in a form acceptable to FNMA or FHMLC, and shall protect and insure such Servicer against losses, including forgery, theft embezzlement, fraud, errors and omissions and negligent acts of the Servicer Employees.

More Definitions of Policy form

Policy form. All policies referred to above shall: (i) be taken out with insurers licensed to do business in Florida having an A.M. Best’s rating of A or better; (ii) name Landlord and Landlord’s property manager as an additional insured; (iii) be non-contributing with, and shall apply only as primary and not as excess to any other insurance available to the Landlord or any mortgagee of Landlord; and (iv) contain an obligation of the insurers to endeavor to notify the Landlord not less than thirty (30) days prior to the termination of any such policy. Tenant shall provide certificates of insurance on Acord Form 25-S on or before the Commencement Date and thereafter at times of renewal or changes in coverage or insurer, and if required by mortgagee copies of such insurance policies certified to Tenant’s insurer as being complete and current promptly upon request. If (a) the Tenant fails to take out or to keep in force any insurance referred to in this Section 10, or should any such insurance not be approved by either the Landlord or any mortgagee, and (b) the Tenant does not commence and continue to diligently cure such default within two (2) Business Days after written notice by the Landlord to Tenant specifying the nature of such default then the Landlord has the right, without assuming any obligation in connection therewith, to procure such insurance at the sole cost of the Tenant, and all outlays by the Landlord shall be paid by the Tenant to the Landlord without prejudice to any other rights or remedies of the Landlord under this Lease. The Tenant shall not keep or use in the Premises any article that may be prohibited by any fire or casualty insurance policy in force from time to time covering the Premises or the Project.
Policy form. All policies of insurance provided for herein shall be issued by insurance companies with general policyholdersrating of not less than A and a financial rating of AAA as rated in the most current availableBest’s Insurance Reports”, and qualified to do business in the State of California, and shall be issued in the names of Lessor, Lessee and such other persons or firms as Lessor specifies from time to time. Such policies shall be for the mutual and joint benefit and protection of Lessor, Lessee and others hereinabove mentioned, and executed copies of such policies of insurance or certificates thereof shall be delivered to the Lessor within ten (10) days after delivery of possession of the Premises to Lessor and thereafter within thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the term of each such policy. All public liability and property damage policies shall contain a provision that the Lessor, although names as an insured, shall nevertheless be entitled to recovery under said policies for any loss occasioned to it, its servants, agents and employees by reason of the negligence of the Lessee. As often as any such policy shall expire or terminate, renewal or additional policies shall be procured and maintained by the Lessee in like manner and to like extent. All policies of insurance delivered to the Lessor must contain a provision that the company writing said policy will give to the Lessor twenty (20) days’ notice in writing in advance of any cancellation or lapse or the effective date of any reduction in the amounts of insurance. All public liability, property damage and other casualty policies shall be written as primary policies, not contributing with and not in excess of coverage which the Lessor may carry.
Policy form means the form on which the policy is delivered
Policy form means the form on which a policy to supplement Medicare is delivered or issued for delivery by the issuer.
Policy form means the insurance contract language, including the declaration or information page, any endorsements or other contract language that constitute the contractual agreement between an insurer and its policyholder.