Allowance Sample Clauses

Allowance. So long as Tenant is not in default of this Lease, and subject to the limitations described in the next following paragraph, Landlord shall pay to Tenant's contractors and materialmen, as a “Construction Allowance” an amount up to $5,258,025.00 ($75.00 psf) to be used for planning, architectural/engineering fees, demolition, Tenant's Work construction costs, and construction management/oversight fees, furniture, fixtures and equipment expenses and moving expenses (collectively, the “Actual Construction Costs”), which said amount shall be paid directly to Tenant's contractors and materialmen within thirty (30) days of the last to occur of all of the following: (a) all Tenant's Work performed by Tenant in the Premises shall have been substantially completed in accordance with the provisions of the Exhibits of this Lease and Tenant's plans and specifications; (b) Tenant shall have furnished Landlord a standard sworn “owners” statement /affidavit for Tenant's Work, (c)Tenant shall• have furnished Landlord a stai1dard sworn “general contractor's” statement /affidavit for Tenant's Work; (d) Tenant shall have furnished to Landlord final lien waivers from all general contractors, subcontractors and materialmen who supplied services or material as part of Tenant's Work; (e) Tenant shall have provided Landlord with a copy of the certificate of occupancy (or its equivalent) for the Premises issued by the appropriate governmental entity; and (f) Tenant shall have provided Landlord with “as-built” plans of Tenant's Work on a CD in Autocad format. Tenant shall have the right to request that Landlord pay Tenant's contractors and materialmen a portion of the Construction Allowance monthly provided that Tenant complies with the provisions of subsections (b), (c) and (d) above (provided that to satisfy this subsection [d], Tenant shall furnish Landlord partial lien waivers from all general contractors, subcontractors and materialmen who supplied services or material as part of Tenant's Work) and the amount Tenant's Work actually completed and installed in the Premises, for which payment is requested, is more than the amount of the Construction Allowance requested; and provided further that Tenant complies with subsections (a) through (f) above with regard to the final portion of the Construction Allowance. Tenant and Landlord shall establish a standard construction escrow at the office of the Landlord's title insurance company (the “Construction Escrow”) for the purpose of ...
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Allowance. The allowance is based on the Health Benefit party codes in a health plan administered or approved by CalPERS. To be eligible for this contribution, an employee must positively enroll in a health plan administered or approved by CalPERS.
Allowance. Class B1-i Claims shall be Allowed in full.
Allowance. Regular employees shall be granted on July 1st of each year, leaves of absence with pay for an employee’s personal medically related disability. First year employees shall accrue medically related disability leave at a rate of one-and-one quarter days per month. At the completion of one year, fifteen (15) days per year thereafter shall be granted on July 1st of each year to each employee. Three days of accumulated medical related disability leave may be used for illness of immediate family member (See Article XIII, Sec. D-1).
Allowance. Allowance means a Cash Allowance or Provisional Allowance, as applicable.
Allowance. Tenant shall be entitled to a one-time tenant improvement allowance (the “Allowance”) in the amount of $11.00 per rentable square foot of the Premises (subject to Section 1.5 of this Amendment) to be applied toward the Allowance Items (defined in Section 1.2 below). Tenant shall be responsible for all costs associated with the Tenant Improvement Work, including the costs of the Allowance Items, to the extent such costs exceed the lesser of (a) the Allowance, or (b) the aggregate amount that Landlord is required to disburse for such purpose pursuant to this Work Letter. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of this Amendment, if Tenant fails to use the entire Allowance within six (6) months following the last Delivery Date to occur under this Amendment, the unused amount shall revert to Landlord and Tenant shall have no further rights with respect thereto.
Allowance. When an employee required to travel to the Hospital or to return to her home as a result of reporting to or off work between the hours of hours, (other than reporting to or off work for her regular shift) or at any time while on standby, the Hospital will pay transportation costs either by taxi or by her own vehicle at the rate of cents (35 cents) per mile (to a maximum of fourteen dollars ($14.00)) or such greater amount as the Hospital may in its discretion determine for each trip between the aforementioned hours. The employee will provide to the Hospital satisfactory proof of payment of such taxi fare. ARTICLE HEALTH SAFETY
Allowance is the amount a provider has agreed to accept for a covered health care service. Our allowance for a covered health care service may include payment for other related services. See How Your Covered Health Care Services Are Paid and the Summary of Benefits for services subject to copayments, deductibles (if any), and maximum benefits. For information about how we pay for health care services outside of our service area, please see Coverage for Services Provided Outside of the Service Area (BlueCard) section. When you receive covered health care services from a network provider, the provider has agreed to accept our allowance as payment in full. You will be responsible to pay your copayments, deductibles, and the difference between the maximum benefit and our allowance, if any. When you receive covered health care services from a non-network provider, you will be responsible for the provider’s charge. Our reimbursement will be based on the lesser of our allowance, the non-network provider’s charge, or the maximum benefit, less any copayments and deductibles, if any.
Allowance. The Reinsurer shall pay the Cedent "Allowances" for each Accounting Period calculated as (a) plus (b) plus (c) plus (d) as defined below:
Allowance. Landlord hereby grants to Tenant a tenant improvement allowance of $25.00 per Rentable Square Foot of the Premises (the "Allowance"). The Allowance is to be used only for: