Courier Service Sample Clauses

Courier Service. The Union shall be allowed to use the county courier service for distribution of Union business materials to bargaining unit employees.
Courier Service. The City Manager may, subject to the approval of the governing board by resolution, enter into a contract with a courier service for the purpose of causing the deposit of public funds with a bank or trust company. The courier service shall be required to obtain a surety bond for the full amount entrusted to the courier, payable to the City of Batavia and executed by an insurance company authorized to do business in the State of New York, with a claims-paying ability that is rated in the highest rating category by at least two nationally recognized statistical rating organizations, to insure against any loss of public deposits entrusted to the courier service for deposit or failure to deposit the full amount entrusted to the courier service. The City of Batavia may agree with the depositary bank or trust company that the bank or trust company will reimburse all or part of, but not more than, the actual cost incurred by the City of Batavia in transporting items for deposit through a courier service. Any such reimbursement agreement shall apply only to a specified deposit transaction, and may be subject to such terms, conditions and limitations as the bank or trust company deems necessary to ensure sound banking practices, including, but not limited to, any terms, conditions or limitations that may be required by the banking department or other federal or State authority.
Courier Service. First Security Bank shall provide for all courier service.
Courier Service. The parties hereto acknowledge that it will be necessary to make arrangements for the transport of items, records, and other data from Client to Fiserv. After Fiserv has provided the Item Processing Services, selected items, records, and data must be transported from Fiserv to Client. The parties further acknowledge that the cost of such transportation shall be the sole responsibility of Client. Fiserv is responsible for the cost to transport items and records from Fiserv to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank is responsible for transporting items to Fiserv.
Courier Service. 8.1. Courier service is provided by the customer at the place of delivery, upon request on the site.
Courier Service. FTD will provide a Courier Service for local delivery within the zip codes designated by FTD for each Customer pick-up location. These zip codes shall be updated from time to time and shall be provided to Customer in writing and/or via the FTD Delivery Service website. The Courier Service shall be performed by a third party not legally affiliated with FTD.
Courier Service. The Association shall be allowed to use the County courier service for distribution of Association business materials to bargaining unit employees.
Courier Service. The Association has a right to use the District courier service for distribution of communications to members of its bargaining unit. The Association agrees to hold the District harmless from any liability for having permitted this use of the District courier service.
Courier Service. 4.1 KIWI POST offers courier delivery service within Tbilisi and the whole territory of Georgia.