By Custodian Sample Clauses

By Custodian. If Fund Shares cannot be purchased by the Custodian for more than 120 days, and the Sponsor fails to substitute shares, the Custodian may select another investment medium which it deems to be comparable to the Fund Shares and, to the extent required, subject to prior approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission to the extent required by the 1940 Act. The Custodian shall notify each Planholder in writing that the substitution will be made if the Planholder, within 30 days, gives written consent to the Custodian and agrees to bear his or her reasonable pro-rata share of the Custodian's related expenses, including tax liability sustained by the Custodian. The Planholder's failure to give such written consent within the 30 day period shall give the Custodian authority to terminate the Plan Account. If the Fund Shares are not available for purchase for a period of 120 days or longer, and neither the Sponsor nor the Custodian substitutes other shares, the Custodian shall have the authority, without further action on its part, to terminate the Plan.
By Custodian. The Custodian shall have the right to amend this Agreement (including retroactively, as necessary or appropriate in the opinion of counsel satisfactory to the Custodian) in order to conform with pertinent provisions of the Code and other laws or to obtain a governmental ruling that such requirements are met, or as otherwise may be advisable in the opinion of counsel, provided that the Custodian amends in the same manner all Agreements comparable to this one for the Participants having the same Custodian. An amendment by the Custodian shall be communicated in writing to the Employer and the Participant, and they shall be deemed to have consented unless, within 30 days after such communication is mailed, the Employer or the Participant either (1) gives the Custodian a proper written order for a lump-sum distribution of the Custodial Account, or (2) removes the Custodian and simultaneously appoints a successor Custodian in accordance with Article IX. In addition, the Participant agrees that the Custodian may amend and restate this Agreement into a group 403(b) custodial account agreement with the Employer, in which case advance notice thereof shall be provided to the Participant.
By Custodian. 31 c. Notice. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 7.

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  • Acceptance by Custodian Subject to the provisions of the following paragraph, pursuant to the Custodial Agreement, the Custodian, on behalf of the Trustee, will declare that it holds and will hold the documents delivered to it pursuant to Section 2.01(a) above and the other documents constituting a part of the Owner Mortgage Loan Files or Retained Mortgage Loan Files (after the occurrence of a Document Transfer Event) delivered to it in trust, upon the trusts herein set forth, for the use and benefit of all present and future Certificateholders. Upon execution of this Agreement, the Custodian will deliver to the Depositor and the Trustee an initial certification in the form of Exhibit N hereto, to the effect that, except as may be specified in a list of exceptions attached thereto, it has received the original Mortgage Notes relating to each Mortgage Loan on the Mortgage Loan Schedule. The Custodian will review each Owner Mortgage Loan File within 45 days after execution of this Agreement. The Custodian will deliver no later than 30 days after completion of such review to the Depositor and the Trustee a final certification in the form of Exhibit O hereto to the effect that, except as may be specified in a list of exceptions attached thereto, all required documents set forth in Section 2.01(a) have been executed and received and appear regular on their face, and that such documents relate to the Mortgage Loans identified in the Mortgage Loan Schedule based on a comparison of the Mortgage Loan identifying number, Mortgagor name and street address, and in so doing the Custodian may rely on the purported due execution and genuineness of any such document and on the purported genuineness of any signature thereon. If there are exceptions attached to the final certification, the Depositor shall have a period of 60 days after the date of receipt of the final certification within which to correct or cure any such defects. The Depositor hereby covenants and agrees that, if any material defect is not so corrected or cured, the Depositor will, not later than 60 days after receipt of the final certification referred to above respecting such defects, either (i) repurchase the related Mortgage Loan or any property acquired in respect thereof from the Trust Estate at a price equal to the Repurchase Price or (ii) if within two years of the Startup Day, or such other period permitted by the REMIC Provisions, substitute for any Mortgage Loan to which such material defect relates, a new mortgage loan (a "Substitute Mortgage Loan") having such characteristics so that the representations and warranties of the Depositor set forth in Section 2.03(b) hereof (other than Section 2.03(b)(i)) would not have been incorrect had such Substitute Mortgage Loan originally been a Mortgage Loan. In no event shall any Substitute Mortgage Loan have an unpaid principal balance, as of the date of substitution, greater than the Scheduled Principal Balance (reduced by the scheduled payment of principal due on the Due Date in the month of substitution) of the Mortgage Loan for which it is substituted. In addition, such Substitute Mortgage Loan shall have a Loan-to-Value Ratio less than or equal to and a Net Mortgage Interest Rate equal to that of the Mortgage Loan for which it is substituted. The Depositor shall determine the Repurchase Price or the eligibility of any Substitute Mortgage Loan and the Trustee shall be protected in relying on such determination. In the case of a repurchased Mortgage Loan or property, the Repurchase Price shall be deposited by the Depositor in the Certificate Account maintained by the Master Servicer pursuant to Section 3.01. In the case of a Substitute Mortgage Loan, the Owner Mortgage Loan File (and Retained Mortgage Loan File, if required pursuant to Section 2.01(b) hereof) relating thereto shall be delivered to the Custodian and the Substitution Principal Amount (if any), together with (i) interest on such Substitution Principal Amount at the applicable Net Mortgage Interest Rate to the following Due Date of such Mortgage Loan which is being substituted for and (ii) an amount equal to the aggregate amount of unreimbursed Periodic Advances in respect of interest previously made by the applicable Servicer, the Master Servicer or the Trustee with respect to such Mortgage Loan, shall be deposited in the Certificate Account. The Monthly Payment on the Substitute Mortgage Loan for the Due Date in the month of substitution shall not be part of the Trust Estate. Upon receipt by the Custodian of a Request for Release signed by an officer of the Depositor, the Custodian shall release to the Depositor the Owner Mortgage Loan File (and Retained Mortgage Loan File, if applicable) of the Mortgage Loan being removed. The Trustee shall execute and deliver such instrument of transfer or assignment (or, in the case of a Mortgage Loan registered in the name of MERS or its designee, the Master Servicer shall enforce the obligation of the applicable Servicer under the related Servicing Agreement to take all necessary action to reflect such assignment on the records of MERS), in each case without recourse, as shall be necessary to vest in the Depositor legal and beneficial ownership of such substituted or repurchased Mortgage Loan or property. It is understood and agreed that the obligation of the Depositor to substitute a new Mortgage Loan for or repurchase any Mortgage Loan or property as to which such a material defect in a constituent document exists shall constitute the sole remedy respecting such defect available to the Certificateholders or the Trustee on behalf of the Certificateholders. The failure of the Custodian to give the final certification or the Trustee to give any notice within the required time periods shall not affect or relieve the Depositor's obligation to repurchase any Mortgage Loan pursuant to this Section 2.02.

  • Custodian The term “

  • Instructions to Custodian The Sub-Adviser shall have authority to issue to each Fund’s custodian such instructions as it may consider appropriate in connection with the settlement of any transaction relating to a Fund that it has initiated. The Adviser shall ensure that each Fund’s custodian is obliged to comply with any instructions of the Sub-Adviser given in accordance with this Agreement. The Sub-Adviser will not be responsible for supervising a Fund’s custodian.

  • Liability of Custodian The Custodian shall be liable for the acts or omissions of a Foreign Sub-Custodian to the same extent as set forth with respect to sub-custodians generally in this Agreement and, regardless of whether assets are maintained in the custody of a Foreign Sub-Custodian or a Foreign Securities System, the Custodian shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost, expense, liability or claim resulting from nationalization, expropriation, currency restrictions, or acts of war or terrorism, or any other loss where the Sub-Custodian has otherwise acted with reasonable care.

  • Other Reports by Custodian As the Trust may reasonably request from time to time, the Custodian shall provide the Trust with reports on the internal accounting controls and procedures for safeguarding Securities which are employed by the Custodian or any Sub-Custodian.