Verification Sample Clauses

Verification. Silicon may, from time to time, verify directly with the respective Account Debtors the validity, amount and other matters relating to the Receivables, by means of mail, telephone or otherwise, either in the name of Borrower or Silicon or such other name as Silicon may choose.
Verification. Bank may, from time to time, verify directly with the respective Account Debtors the validity, amount and other matters relating to the Accounts, either in the name of Borrower or Bank or such other name as Bank may choose.
Verification. SAP shall be permitted to audit (at least once annually and in accordance with SAP standard procedures, which may include on-site and/or remote audit) the usage of the SAP Materials. Licensee shall cooperate reasonably in the conduct of such audits. In the event an audit reveals that (i) Licensee underpaid license fees and/or SAP support fees and/or (ii) that Licensee has Used the Software in excess of the license quantities or levels stated in the EULA Acceptance Form, Licensee shall pay such underpaid fees and/or for such excess usage based on the then-current SAP price list, terms and conditions in effect at the time of the audit, and shall order the Software license quantities or levels used in excess from the Partner and/or SAP and execute an additional EULA Acceptance Form to affect the required licensing of any additional quantities or levels. Reasonable costs of SAP’s audit shall be paid by Licensee if the audit results indicate usage in excess of the licensed quantities or levels. SAP reserves all rights at law and equity with respect to both Licensee’s underpayment of license fees or SAP support fees and usage in excess of the license quantities or levels. SAP may delegate to Partner or request Partner to perform any of the rights listed under this Section 3.
Verification. At the Lessee's request, the accuracy of any calculation of amount(s) payable pursuant to this Article 6 shall be verified by independent public accountants selected by the applicable Tax Indemnitee and reasonably satisfactory to the Lessee, and such verification shall bind the applicable Tax Indemnitee and the Lessee. In order, and to the extent necessary, to enable such independent accountants to verify such amounts, such Tax Indemnitee shall provide to such independent accountants (for their confidential use and not to be disclosed to the Lessee or any other person) all information reasonably necessary for such verification. Verification shall be at the expense of the Lessee, unless such verification results in an adjustment in the Lessee's favor of $10,000 or more of the amount of the payment as computed by such Tax Indemnitee, in which case the verification shall be at the expense of the Tax Indemnitee.
Verification. Licensor has the right to verify Your compliance with this Agreement. You agree to: (1) Implement internal safeguards to prevent any unauthorized copying, distribution, installation, use of, or access to, the Software; (2) Keep records sufficient to certify Your compliance with this Agreement (including its Product Use Rights Appendix, if any), and, upon request of Licensor, provide and certify metrics and/or reports based upon such records and account for both numbers of copies (by product and version) and network architectures as they may reasonably relate to Your licensing and deployment of the Software; and (3) Allow a Licensor representative or an independent auditor ("Auditor") to inspect and audit Your, or Your contractor’s, computers and records, during Your normal business hours, for compliance with the licensing terms for Licensor’s software products. Upon Licensor’s and Auditor’s presentation of their signed written confidentiality statement form to safeguard Your confidential information, You shall fully cooperate with such audit and provide any necessary assistance and access to records and computers. If an audit reveals that You have or at any time have had unlicensed installation, use of, or access to the Software, You will, within 30 days, purchase sufficient licenses to cover any shortfall without benefit of any otherwise applicable discount and subject to license fees reflecting the duration of the shortfall. If a material license shortfall of 5% or more is found, You must reimburse Licensor for the costs incurred in the audit.
Verification. 1. If Contractor has employees, Contractor has confirmed the employment eligibility of all employees who are newly hired to perform work under this Agreement through participation in either the E-Verify Program or the Department Program.
Verification. Preferred Beneficiary shall have the right, at Preferred Beneficiary's expense, to cause a verification of any deposit materials. A verification determines, in different levels of detail, the accuracy, completeness, sufficiency and quality of the deposit materials. If a verification is elected after the deposit materials have been delivered to DSI, then only DSI, or at DSI's election an independent person or company selected and supervised by DSI, may perform the verification.
Verification. Within a reasonable period of time after receipt of a confirmation relating to an instruction, Insurance Company shall verify its accuracy in terms of such instruction and shall notify Transfer Agent of any errors appearing on such confirmation.