When Taken Sample Clauses

When Taken. Sick leave with pay must be earned before it can be used. Employees can take sick leave for the following reasons:
When Taken. Except as provided in, sick leave need not be accrued prior to taking such leave by the unit member and such leave may be taken at any time during the fiscal year.
When Taken a) Vacation shall be taken at the time the Director or designee shall designate. In designating vacation time, the seniority and preferences of employees shall be followed unless absence of the employee will impede the operation of the department.
When Taken. A member shall take his/her vacation at a time convenient to both the member and his/her supervisor. Where a shortage of employees and the nature of the work requirements make the granting of the vacation leave impossible, the member is entitled to a cash payment in lieu thereof. Members may arrange for a maximum carry-over of 264 hours of the employee's vacation accrual with the prior approval of their supervisor.
When Taken. Sick leave with pay will be granted for absence from duty because of actual personal illness, non-compensable bodily injury or disease, exposure to contagious disease, to care for an ill or injured member of the employee’s immediate family, or to keep a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment. Sick leave shall not be granted in cases where regular or disability retirement has been approved, or for absence due to injuries resulting from employment in a position other than that held in the municipal service. Employees injured in the course of other employment shall be eligible for leave of absence without pay. For the purposes of this Agreement, immediate family members shall include, husband, wife, domestic partner as recognized in a legal civil union, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, xxxxxx child, mother, mother-in-law, step mother, father, father- in-law, step father, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, step children and grandparents of the employee or his/her spouse.
When Taken. The time at which an employee takes annual leave shall be determined by the Department Manager with particular regard to the needs of the service and is not limited to any particular time of the year or with regard to the wishes of the employee. All vacation schedules must be arranged in advance with the consent of the Department Manager.
When Taken. 19l2.5.1 Vacation leave shall not be taken before it has been earned and posted. No vacation may be taken until the original probationary period and any extensions thereto have been completed. Vacation may be taken on one-hour increments with supervisorial approval.
When Taken. When an employee finds it necessary to be absent for any of the reasons specified herein, he/she shall cause the facts to be reported to his/her department head thirty (30) minutes prior to the regular time for reporting to work. An employee must keep his department head informed of his/her condition if the absence is more than three (3) days duration. An employee may be required to submit a medical certificate for any absence after the third (3rd) day in one usage. Employees with an unacceptable attendance record must support any sick leave with an appropriate certification or verification by a local physician. The initial determination of “acceptable” or “unacceptable” attendance record shall be made by the General Manager. When an employee's attendance record becomes “unacceptable,” Employer shall notify both the employee and the Union. Any dispute over such classification shall be handled through the Grievance Procedure in Article V, herein. After an employee has banked twelve (12) unused sick days, he/she has the option to either continue accruing such time or receiving in cash in December on a 1 to 2 ratio in accordance with the City's policy, all time which he/she elects to cash in for accumulated sick leave over twelve (12) days he/she must keep banked at all times. An employee who completes ninety (90) calendar days without a chargeable absence occurrence under this policy shall have the absence occurrence that has been on his/her record the longest removed.
When Taken. A member shall take his/her vacation at a time mutually agreeable to both the member and his/her supervisor. The maximum accrual can be no greater than 33 days of Full Time Equivalency (FTE).