When Taken Sample Clauses

When Taken. Sick leave with pay must be earned before it can be used. Employees can take sick leave for the following reasons:
When Taken. Except as provided in, sick leave need not be accrued prior to taking such leave by the unit member and such leave may be taken at any time during the fiscal year.
When Taken. A. Vacation shall be taken at the time the director or his designee shall designate. In designating vacation time, the seniority and preferences of employees shall be followed unless absence of the employee will impede the operation of the department.
When Taken. A. Vacation shall be taken at the time the captain or officer in charge shall designate. In designating vacation time, the seniority and preference of officers or employees shall be followed unless absence of the employee or officer will impede the operation of the Division. Requests shall be approved or disapproved on the day submitted to the officer having authority.
When Taken. (a) Vacations shall be set by the Employer in calendar weekly increments with due regard to desires and preferences in accordance with the seniority of the employees consistent with efficient operations. In line with the above, employees may bid to take their vacations in separate weekly increments, adjacent weekly increments, or a combination of both. Vacation bids must be submitted by the employee by March 1, preceding the vacation year (June 1st to May 31st). Once the vacation schedule is established, there shall be no modification unless otherwise mutually agreed. An employee’s vacation check will be given to such employee prior to leaving on his vacation except as otherwise provided in local agreements.
When Taken. Sick leave with pay must be earned before it can be granted, and advancing sick leave is prohibited. Employees may utilize their allowances of sick leave when unable to perform their work duties by reason of actual personal illness, non-compensable bodily injury, compensable bodily injury after the exhaustion of injury leave for those employees with a six (6) month injury leave benefit, pregnancy, pregnancy-related conditions or childbirth, disease, exposure to contagious disease under circumstances in which the health of other employees or the public would be endangered by attendance on duty, to keep a medical or dental appointment , or for an illness in the employee’s immediate family.
When Taken. Whenever due to exceptional circumstances of the case it is in the interest of justice that the testimony of a prospective wit- ness of a party be taken and preserved for use at trial, the court may upon motion of such party and notice to the parties order that testimony of such witness be taken by deposition and that any designated book, paper, document, record, recording, or other material not privileged, be produced at the same time and place. If a wit- ness is detained pursuant to section 3144 of title 18, United States Code, the court on written mo- tion of the witness and upon notice to the par- ties may direct that the witness’ deposition be taken. After the deposition has been subscribed the court may discharge the witness.
When Taken. Sick leave with pay will be granted for absence from duty because of actual personal illness, non-compensable bodily injury or disease, exposure to contagious disease, to care for an ill or injured member of the employee’s immediate family, or to keep a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment. Sick leave shall not be granted in cases where regular or disability retirement has been approved, or for absence due to injuries resulting from employment in a position other than that held in the municipal service. Employees injured in the course of other employment shall be eligible for leave of absence without pay. For the purposes of this Agreement, immediate family members shall include, husband, wife, domestic partner as recognized in a legal civil union, son, son-in-law, daughter, daughter-in-law, xxxxxx child, mother, mother-in-law, step mother, father, father- in-law, step father, brother, brother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, step children and grandparents of the employee or his/her spouse.
When Taken. A member shall take his/her vacation at a time convenient to both the member and his/her supervisor. Where a shortage of employees and the nature of the work requirements make the granting of the vacation leave impossible, the member is entitled to a cash payment in lieu thereof. Members may arrange for a maximum carry-over of 264 hours of the employee's vacation accrual with the prior approval of their supervisor.
When Taken. No vacation leave may be taken by an employee until the initial performance trial period has been completed. Fire Medical may begin to use accrued vacation upon appointment to a full-time, regular position. Part time regular employees are paid only for the number of hours they would normally be scheduled to work during the vacation period. Requests for vacation leave should be submitted to your supervisor according to departmental policy. Leave will be approved by the Department Director or designee considering operating requirements and the request of employees. Exempt employees will record vacation leave usage in full day or half day increments. When working a half day or less, exempt employees will be required to use a half day of vacation leave. Exempt employees that work more than half a day will not be required to use vacation leave. At the sole discretion of the Department Director “other paid time off” may be substituted for vacation leave in special circumstances when the employee has worked a large amount of hours during the workweek or pay period when vacation is scheduled.