Omitted Sample Clauses

Omitted. Filed separately with the Commission. of the royalties or other revenues Licensee or Related Company received from Sublicensees other than related companies for the sale of Licensed Products or Licensed Services. Such royalties or other revenues specifically shall not include (a) payments made by a Sublicensee in consideration of equity or debt securities of Licensee; (b) payments made by a Sublicensee to support research activities to be undertaken by Licensee or Related Company; (c) payments made upon the achievement by Licensee or Related Company of specified milestones or benchmarks relating to the development of Licensed Products; (d) pilot studies; (e) performance-based milestones; (f) the license or Sublicense of any intellectual property other than Licensed Patent Rights or Technology; (g) reimbursement for patent or other expenses, or (h) the exclusive or nonexclusive regional license from Licensee to health care providers for the application of clinical screening and/or diagnosis, utilizing Licensee's proprietary technology alone or in combination with Licensed Products or Licensed Services.
Omitted. (g) If at any time during the period that the Underwriter's Warrants may be exercised, the Company intends to file a registration statement for an underwritten offering (a "Piggyback Registration") of the sale of shares of its common stock on a form suitable for registering the shares underlying the Underwriter's Warrants (the "Registrable Shares"), the Company will notify Underwriter of its intention at least 30, but no more than 60 days prior to the filing of such registration statement. Within 20 days of such notice, Underwriter, on its own behalf and on behalf of all holders of Underwriter's Warrants (collectively, "Holders") may elect (by written notice to the Company) to include among the registered shares in the Piggyback Registration any specific number of Registrable Shares. If the Underwriter is not the managing underwriter of the Piggyback Registration, all Holders shall be subject to cut-back and lock-in provisions as required by the managing underwriter of the offering in order to effect an orderly distribution of the shares and are customary and reasonable in the circumstances. Underwriter on behalf of all participating Holders shall provide the usual indemnities to both the Company and the underwriter of the Piggyback Registration and complete and execute all documents required by the managing underwriter.
Omitted. 52. Corporate Filing and Dissemination System (CFDS), viz., xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx
Omitted. 4.1.2. Omitted.