Charges and Fees Sample Clauses

Charges and Fees. In addition to total profit, the ceiling prices established for the Representative Model price, OEM Options Net Prices (after the Option Discount is applied to the MSRP), the Required Aftermarket Option Prices and the Identified Aftermarket Option Prices bid are inclusive of all charges and fees, including but not limited to, the following:
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Charges and Fees. 1. The Company shall be entitled to receive a fee from the Client regarding the Service(s), provided by the Company.
Charges and Fees. 7.1 DBS may debit the Card Account with:
Charges and Fees. Borrower shall pay to Lender reasonable and customary charges and fees as permitted under 24 CFR 206.207 (a). Such amounts shall be considered Loan Advances when actually disbursed by Lender.
Charges and Fees. Tenant shall pay Landlord supervisory fee in an amount equal to two percent (2%) of Landlord’s Contribution (as hereinafter defined) to defray Landlord’s expenses incurred to review the Plans and coordinate with Tenant’s on-site project manager the staging and progress of the Work.
Charges and Fees. You agree (for yourself and the person or entity you represent if you sign as a representative of another), to be bound by the terms of this Agreement, the applicable Account Agreements, and any applicable fee schedule or disclosure. You authorize us to deduct charges and fees accrued directly from the Account balance. You agree to pay the Bank the fees and charges set forth in the Account Disclosure and any additional fees and charges imposed by the Bank from time to time under the Account Agreements (e.g. Returned Item Fee and/or Paid Item Fee discussed in the Additional Terms and Services section of the Agreement), Account Disclosure and associated service fees schedule, and any other written agreement between you and the Bank (including but not limited to the eStatements Agreement, Online Banking Agreement, External Transfers Agreements, Funds Availability Policy, Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement, Privacy Notice, any rules covering IRAs, or any other agreements for any other accounts) as they currently exist or as they may be amended or replaced from time to time. We may change the service fees schedule in the Account Disclosure at any time and will provide notice of the changes in the same way that notice is provided for changes to the Account Agreements. You are liable for and agree to pay all of the Bank’s internal and external costs, collection expenses, or other expenses we incur from your failure to perform any of your obligations under this Agreement. All these costs and expenses, such as collection and recovery costs, attorney fees, and court costs, including fees on any mediation, arbitration, appeal, bankruptcy proceedings, and post judgment collection actions, will be added to your present debt, and interest may be charged on them at the highest rate allowed by law. You are liable for and agree to pay Bank’s internal and external costs incurred from your deposit of a check payable in a foreign currency for which dollar credit has been given. We may deduct all fees and charges from any Account of any Account Holder without prior notice. This liability is due immediately and may be deducted by us directly from the Account balance whenever sufficient funds are available. You have no right to defer payment of this liability, you are liable regardless of whether you signed the item or benefited from the charge or overdraft. Freezing an Account We reserve the right to place a hold on your Account funds (commonly referred to as “freezing” your A...
Charges and Fees. 12.1 The fee payable by you to us for the Service is specified in the Fee Schedule available at xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx (“Fees”) as may be amended from time to time. All liabilities, costs and expenses which we incur to provide the Service under this Agreement will be covered by the Fees. 12.2 You shall make all payments due under this Agreement free and clear of, and without deduction, withholding or set-off on account of, any tax or levy or any other charges present and future. 12.3 You shall be liable for any goods and services tax, value-added tax or any other tax of a similar nature chargeable by law on any payment you are required to make to us. If we are required by law to collect and make payment in respect of such tax, you will indemnify us against such payments. 12.4 We may deduct your Account with the full amount of any Fees payable by you, or any other monies owed by you to us pursuant to any liability of any nature arising in respect of the Private Fund, the Account or otherwise. For this purpose, we may withdraw and collect uninvested cash in your Account and/or sell your Assets and collect the proceeds from such sale. 12.5 We may receive compensation from third parties in connection with the management of the Private Fund (e.g. from issuers and providers of the investment products or managers of investment vehicles in which the Private Fund invests in) to the extent that it is of demonstrable benefits to the Private Fund and done in accordance with Applicable Laws. The Fees that you are required to pay to StashAway Thailand for the Service is specified in the Fee Schedule at xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/xxxxxxx. The Fees include all liabilities, costs and expenses that StashAway Thailand incurs under this Agreement. The Fees are not fixed and may be amended every now and then. When you are making any form of payment to us, you are required to pay for any goods and services tax, value-added tax or any other tax that are similar in nature that is chargeable by law. If we are required by law to collect and make payment for such tax, you must reimburse us for any such payments incurred. We may deduct the full amount of any Fees payable by you from your Account. In order to deduct the amount or monies due to us, we may withdraw and collect uninvested cash in your Account and/or sell your Assets and collect the proceeds from such sale. We may receive compensation from third parties in connection with the management of your Private Fund (for example, fr...
Charges and Fees. The following other charges and fees will be added to your account, as applicable:
Charges and Fees. The Owner will pay to the Association the following charges and fees to cover the Association's costs of providing the Factoring Service: Management/admin fee (payable in arrears) Buildings Insurance premium (payable full year in advance) Public liability insurance covering common open spaces (payable full year in advance) Close cleaning (payable in arrears) Ground maintenance (payable in arrears) Common Repairs completed since previous invoice (payable in arrears) Communal electricity (payable in arrears) Any agreed outlays incurred by the Association on behalf of the Owner Such other properly incurred charges and fees as the Association may notify to the Owner from time to time. The management and/or admin fee payable by the Owner to the Association will be reviewed annually as at 1 April and notified to the Owner thereafter. Quotes, invoices and estimates from private contractors will be available at the Owner's request for the Owners to inspect within a period of 14 days following the issue of the relative invoice, consultation or notification letters being issued to private owners. The Association reserves the right to charge a fee for any copy documentation requested by or on behalf of the Owner. Factoring Float Upon commencement of the Factoring Service, the Owner requires to pay to the Association a factoring float of One hundred and fifty pounds (£150) Sterling, or such other amount as may be stated in the Owner's title deeds. The factoring float will be held by the Association for the purpose of having funds available to meet the cost of Common Repairs on behalf of the Common Owners prior to recovering any outlays through the Association's accounts. The full amount of the factoring float will be included in the Association's first invoice to the Owner for the Factoring Service. The Association will refund the factoring float to the Owner upon termination of this Factoring Agreement.
Charges and Fees. 12.1 A Credit Card Account Fee will be charged for the administration and maintenance of your Credit Card Account.