Work Permits Sample Clauses

Work Permits. The Executive shall use his reasonable best efforts to obtain, maintain and renew a suitable (for the purposes of the Executive's contemplated employment by the Company) work permit by the Bermuda government authorities and any other permits required by any Bermuda government authority. The Company shall be responsible for permit fees, and all other expenses, including legal expenses, in connection with obtaining and maintaining such work permit.
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Work Permits. The Supplier shall ensure that all personnel who carry out work under this Agreement have a valid work permit.
Work Permits. The Contractor shall ensure that a valid work permit is in place for all non- Bermudian staff working in Bermuda.
Work Permits. (a) The Producer must apply to the Union for a work permit for each Technician that the Producer proposes to employ, who is not a member in good standing of the Union. The Producer must submit a written request for Work Permit, with the adequate time allowance.
Work Permits. All teens under 18 must obtain a work permit from school district where they live or go to school. For more information, visit the website of the Division of Occupational Safety at: In place of the standard work permit, a special Cooperative Education Employment Permit must be obtained by all minors who will be employed in cooperative education. These permits are issued by the superintendent of the school district where the minor is enrolled in a chapter 74 program. Prohibited Jobs for Minors People under 18 may NOT: General work permit‌ • Drive a vehicle, forklift or work assist vehicle (except golf carts in certain circumstances) • Ride as a passenger on a forklift • Operate, clean or repair power driven bakery machines (except for certain countertop models and pizza dough rollers) • Handle, serve, or work from hoisting machines • Use, serve, or sell alcoholic beverages • Manufacture brick, tile, or kindred products • Manufacture or store explosives • Work in forest fire fighting forest fire prevention, timber track operations, and forestry service • Work in wrecking, demolition, or shipbreaking • Work in logging sawmilling, or mining • Work where they are exposed to radioactive substances • Work in any job requiring the possession or use of a firearm Co-op employment permit • Operate, clean or repair power driven meat slicers, grinders or choppers* • Work 30 feet or more above ground or water* • Use circular, chain, or band saws; guillotine shears; wood chippers; and abrasive cutting discs* • Use power-driven woodworking machines* • Operate or load power-driven balers, compactors, or paper processing machines* • Use power-driven metal-forming, punching, or shearing machines* • Use buffing or polishing equipment* • Work in excavation* • Work slaughtering, packing, or processing meat and poultry* • Work in railway operations* • Work in roofing, or on, or about a roof* • Work in foundries, or around blast furnaces* • Work manufacturing phosphorus or phosphorus matches* • Work as a firefighter, or engineer on a boat* • Oil or clean hazardous machinery in motion* Please discuss any concerns or questions regarding under 18 work restrictions with the schools Cooperative coordinator.
Work Permits. With the Company’s assistance, Employee shall obtain and keep current any Hungarian work permits, residency permits or other similar licenses as may be required by Hungarian law as a result of Employee’s employment by the Company.
Work Permits. All required participants must have valid work permits on file with Employ Milwaukee and their contracted sub recipient agency when hired, in accordance with current Wisconsin Statutes.
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Work Permits. If the Producer requests of the District Council a work permit, the request shall be made on ten (10) days written notice to the District Council and shall include:
Work Permits. In the event that it is necessary to disconnect the utility service and provide protection for Work by the Contractor's employee, the Work shall not begin until the utility has issued a work permit to the Contractor. Permission to do work terminates when the Contractor notifies the utility that the work has been completed. A visual inspection shall be made by the Contractor to determine that the work has been completed with due care in a workmanlike fashion and that there is no apparent possibility of failure or damage to equipment, or injury to workers when the service is re-energized. Before the work permit is withdrawn, any tests required as a condition for re-energizing shall be completed satisfactorily and workers shall be warned that the equipment must now be considered to be alive.
Work Permits. The employment of the Executive by the Company shall be contingent upon the issuance to the Executive of a suitable (for the purposes of the Executive’s contemplated employment by the Company) work permit by the Bermuda government authorities and any other permits required by any Bermuda government authority. Both the Company and the Executive shall use their respective best efforts to obtain, maintain and renew said permit(s) so as to allow the Executive to be employed under the terms hereof. The Company shall be responsible for permit fees. If at any time said permit(s), having been obtained, expire and are not renewed or cease to be valid and such renewal or validation is necessary in order for the Executive to be employed by the Company as contemplated by this Agreement and the non-renewal or invalidation is beyond the control of both the Company and the Executive, employment under this Agreement shall terminate immediately upon the expiration of said permit(s) or upon said permit(s) ceasing to be valid unless the Executive can discharge his duties and responsibilities effectively from another location not requiring said permit(s) that is reasonably acceptable to the Executive and non-prejudicial to the interests of the Company. In the event of such termination, the provisions of Section 8(d) shall apply to such termination of the Executive’s employment (or, if within (i) the one-year period prior to the date of a Change in Control, as hereinafter defined, provided the conditions set forth in the last paragraph of Section 8(d)(iii) are satisfied, or (ii) the Post-Change Period, as hereinafter defined, such termination shall, in the case of clauses (i) or (ii), be considered a termination by the employee for “Good Reason”) provided that non-renewal of said permit(s) or invalidation thereof are not a direct result of any material action or omission of the Executive that would reasonably cause such permit(s) not to be renewed or validated.
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