The Preamble Sample Clauses

The Preamble. The preamble to this MOU constitutes an integral part of it.
The Preamble. 1.1 The Preamble to this Agreement and all its annexes constitute an integral part thereof. חסונל העצה אטויט
The Preamble. 3. In the Preamble, the following shall be inserted as a seventh recital: "WISHING to strengthen further their links through greater political dialogue and its extension to issues and problems of foreign policy and security and those of general interest and/or of common interest to a group of countries;". PART ONE - GENERAL PROVISIONS OF ACP-EC COOPERATION
The Preamble. The Preamble to the Asset Purchase Agreement is hereby ------------ amended to read in its entirety as follows: "THIS ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered into as of --------- November 21, 2001, by and among Industrial Container Services, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company ("Buyer") on the one hand, and IFCO Systems N.V., a ----- Netherlands limited liability company ("IFCO"), IFCO Systems North America, ---- Inc., a Delaware corporation ("ISNA"), IFCO Industrial Container Systems Holding Company, a Delaware ---- corporation ("IICSH"), IFCO ICS - Chicago, Inc., an Illinois corporation ("IFCO ----- ---- Chicago"), IFCO ICS - Miami, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("IFCO Miami"), IFCO ------- ---------- ICS - North Carolina, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("IFCO North Carolina"), IFCO ------------------- ICS - Minnesota Inc., a Minnesota corporation ("IFCO Minnesota"), Container -------------- Resources Corporation, a Minnesota corporation ("Container"), IFCO ICS - --------- Washington, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("IFCO Washington"), IFCO ICS - --------------- California, Inc., a Delaware corporation ("IFCO California"), IFCO ICS - --------------- Florida, Inc., a Florida corporation ("IFCO Florida"), Environmental Recyclers ------------ of Colorado, Inc., a Colorado corporation ("Recyclers"), IFCO ICS - Illinois, --------- Inc., an Illinois corporation ("IFCO Illinois"), PalEx Kansas, Inc., a Delaware ------------- corporation ("PalEx Kansas"), IFCO ICS - Georgia, Inc., a Florida corporation ------------ ("IFCO Georgia"), IFCO ICS - Michigan, Inc., a Michigan corporation ("IFCO ------------ ---- Michigan"), IFCO ICS - South Carolina, a Delaware corporation ("IFCO South -------- ---------- Carolina") and IFCO ICS - L.L.C., a Colorado limited liability company ("IFCO -------- ---- L.L.C."), on the other hand. IFCO and ISNA are sometimes jointly referred to ------ herein as "Parents" and IICSH, IFCO Chicago, IFCO Miami, IFCO North Carolina, ------- IFCO Minnesota, Container, IFCO Washington, IFCO California, IFCO Florida, Recyclers, IFCO Illinois, PalEx Kansas, IFCO Georgia, IFCO Michigan, IFCO South Carolina and IFCO L.L.C. are sometimes collectively referred to herein as "Sellers." -------
The Preamble. The above preamble, hereinbefore and the attached appendix, is deemed an integral part of this agreement and one of its complementary terms.
The Preamble. The Preamble to this Agreement constitutes an inseparable part hereof.
The Preamble. 1.1 The Preamble to this Agreement and all its annexes constitute an integral part thereof.
The Preamble. The above preamble shall be considered an integral part of this agreement.
The Preamble. The Preamble and the Considerations constitute integral part of this Agreement. All acts and documentation mentioned in this Agreement constitute integral and substantial part of this Agreement, although not attached hereto.
The Preamble. The objective of the Xxxxx Hook Principles is to encourage positive corporate behavior by gun and ammunition manufacturers, distributors and retailers by establishing a baseline standard for responsible conduct and business practices to help ensure maximum safety for our citizens. Accordingly, the Principles promote progressive actions by these companies towards eliminating the substantial and unjustified risk to human health and life associated with inadequately regulated firearm use. The Principles address five specific categories of reform in terms of procedures, coordination, management, safety and technology. These Principles are created in an effort to work proactively with the gun industry to seek common sense solutions in response to the proliferation of gun violence in America that has caused immeasurable harm to our citizens. Implicit in these Principles lies the belief that adjustments and changes in certain business practices, policies or conduct by the gun industry can improve the health, safety and well-being of our communities. In these Principles, the gun industry is being called upon to be part of the solution to the public safety and public health challenges we face in cities and towns across the nation and presents an opportunity for significant progress towards the imperative objectives of keeping firearms out of the wrong hands and making guns and ammunition safer for authorized users. It is hereby affirmed that the overwhelming majority of gun owners in America are responsible, law abiding and safety-conscious citizens. Through the widespread adoption of these Principles, an appropriate balance is sought between protecting the rights of gun ownership and the rights of our citizens to be safe and secure. These rights must complement each other. The Principles apply to gun and ammunition manufacturers, distributors and retailers, with an exception for the production and sale of guns or ammunition to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and all U.S. military forces for use in conducting their official duties. Local and state governments, colleges and universities, hedge funds, pension funds, venture capital funds and all other organizations that have a financial relationship with private corporations may request that companies affiliated with the gun industry review and adopt the Xxxxx Hook Principles. In the event an affiliated company does not adopt the Principles, organizations may choose to reexamine that financial relat...