Political dialogue Sample Clauses

Political dialogue. The Parties shall further develop and strengthen effective political dialogue in all areas of mutual interest in order to promote international peace, stability and security, including in the Eurasian continent, on the basis of international law, effective cooperation within multilateral institutions and shared values. The Parties shall cooperate with a view to strengthening the role of the UN and the OSCE, and to improve the efficiency of the relevant international and regional organisations. The Parties shall deepen cooperation and dialogue on issues of international security and crisis management in order to respond to the current global and regional challenges and major threats. The Parties undertake to strengthen cooperation on all subjects of common interest and in particular the observance of international law, strengthening respect for democratic principles, the rule of law, human rights and good governance. The Parties agree to work towards improving the conditions for further regional cooperation, notably with regard to Central Asia and beyond.
Political dialogue. Article 3.
Political dialogue. 1. The Parties shall regularly engage in a comprehensive, balanced and deep political dialogue leading to commitments on both sides.
Political dialogue. Article 6 A regular political dialogue shall be established between the Parties which they intend to develop and intensify. It shall accompany and consolidate the rapprochement between the Community and the Republic of Moldova, support the political and economic changes underway in that country and contribute to the establishment of new forms of cooperation. The political dialogue: — shall strengthen the links of the Republic of Moldova with the Community, and thus with the Community of democratic nations. The economic convergence achieved through this Agreement will lead to more intense political relations, — shall bring about an increasing convergence of positions on international issues of mutual concern, thus increasing security and stability, — shall foresee that the Parties endeavour to cooperate on matters pertaining to the strengthening of stability and security in Europe, the observance of the principles of democracy, the respect and promotion of human rights, particularly those of minorities and shall hold consultations, if necessary, on the relevant matters.
Political dialogue. 1. A regular political dialogue, based on shared values and aspirations, will be established between the Republic of Korea and the European Union. This dialogue will take place in accordance with the procedures agreed between the Republic of Korea and the European Union.
Political dialogue. The Parties shall endeavour to strengthen their dialogue and consultation in an effective and pragmatic fashion to support their evolving relationship, to advance their relations and to promote their common interests and values through their multilateral engagement.
Political dialogue. 1. A regular political dialogue shall be established between the Parties. It shall accompany and help consolidate their cooperation as well as contribute to the establishment of lasting links of solidarity and new forms of cooperation.
Political dialogue. The political dialogue between the Parties shall be conducted within the framework provided for in Part II.