Buyer Preamble Sample Clauses

Buyer Preamble. Buyer Balance Sheet Section 4.5(b) Buyer Board Section 4.4(a) Buyer Class B Common Stock Section 4.2(a) Buyer Common Stock Section 2.1(c) Buyer Disclosure Schedule Article IV Buyer Equity Plan Proposal Section 3.5(d) Buyer Material Adverse Effect Section 4.1 Buyer Meeting Section 3.5(d) Buyer Owned Intellectual Property Section 4.9(a) Buyer Preferred Stock Section 4.2(a) Buyer SEC Documents Section 4.5(a) Buyer Stock Plans Section 4.2(b) Buyer Stockholder Agreements Preamble Buyer Stockholder Approval Section 3.5(d) Buyer Stock Options Section 4.2(b) Buyer Third Party Intellectual Property Section 4.9(a) Buyer Voting Proposal Section 3.5(d) Canaccord Genuity Section 3.20 Capitalization Date Section 3.2(a) Cash Consideration Section 2.1(c) CERCLA Section 3.13(g) Certificate of Merger Section 1.1 Certificates Section 2.1(c) Change Section 3.1 Closing Section 1.2 Closing Date Section 1.2 Code Preamble Company Preamble Company Balance Sheet Section 3.5(b) Company Board Section 2.6(a) Company Board Recommendation Change Section 6.1(b)(i) Company Common Stock Section 2.1(b) Company Disclosure Schedule Article III Company Employee Plans Section 3.14(a) Company Employees Section 6.14(b) Company Insiders Section 6.13(c) Company Leases Section 3.9(d) Table of Contents Terms Reference in Agreement Company Material Adverse Effect Section 3.1 Company Material Contracts Section 3.11(a) Company Meeting Section 3.4(d) Company Owned Intellectual Property Section 3.10(a) Company Permits Section 3.16 Company Preferred Stock Section 3.2(a) Company Rights Section 3.2(c) Company Rights Plan Section 3.2(c) Company SEC Documents Section 3.5(a) Company Severance Practices Section 6.14(d) Company Share Section 2.1(c) Company Stock Options Section 2.6(a) Company Stock Plans Section 2.6(a) Company Stockholder Agreements Preamble Company Stockholder Approval Section 3.4(a) Company Voting Proposal Section 3.4(a) Confidentiality Agreement Section 6.4(a) Current D&O Insurance Section 6.11(c) Designated Buyer SEC Documents Section 9.14(c) Designated Company SEC Documents Section 9.14(d) DGCL Preamble Dissenting Shares Section 2.4 Dissenting Stockholder Section 2.4 Effective Time Section 1.1 Employee Benefit Plan Section 3.14(a) Environmental Law Section 3.13(g) ERISA Section 3.14(a) ERISA Affiliate Section 3.14(a) Exchange Act Section 3.4(c) Exchange Agent Section 2.2(a) Exchange Fund Section 2.2(a) Exchange Ratio Section 2.1(c) GAAP Section 3.5(b) Governmental Entity Section 3.4(c) Gover...
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Indemnitee Section 9.2(a) Buyer’s VEBA Section 7.9(f)(iv) Closing Section 4.1 Closing Date Section 4.1 Closing Payment Amount Section 3.2(a) COBRA Section 7.9(o) Collective Bargaining Agreement Section 5.7 Commitment Parties Section 6.6(c) Commitments Section 6.6(c) Confidential Business Information Section 7.2(c) Confidential Information Section 7.2(b) Consent Asset Section 7.4(c) Customer Notification Section 7.13 Debt Commitment Letter Section 6.6(c) Direct Loss Section 9.3(d) Easements Section 7.4(b) Effective Time Section 4.1 Electric Accounts Section 7.1(c)(iii)(A) Electric Bxxx Section 7.1(c)(i) Environmental Reports Section 5.6(d) Equity Commitment Letter Section 6.6(b) Excluded Assets Section 2.2 Excluded Liabilities Section 2.4 Financial Statements Section 5.4(a) Financing Section 7.17(a) Franchises Section 5.9(c) Funds Section 6.6(b) Gas Accounts Section 7.1(c)(iii)(A) Gas Bxxx Section 7.1(c)(i) Grandfathered Active Employee Section 7.9(f) Guaranteed Obligations Section 11.1(a) Indemnifiable Loss Section 9.2(a) Indemnifying Party Section 9.3(a) Indemnitee Section 9.2(c) Intellectual Property Section 2.1(v) Interim Allocated Cost Schedule Section 5.4(a) Interim Balance Sheet Section 5.4(a) Interim Financial Statements Section 5.4(a) Leased Real Property Section 2.1(g) Locals Section 7.9(a) Other Arrangements Section 7.4(e) Owned Real Property Section 2.1(a) Parent Preamble Parent Guarantee Section 11.2 Post-Closing Adjustment Statement Section 3.2(b) Post-Retirement Welfare Benefits Section 7.9(f) Potential Financing Failure Section 10.1(g) Purchase Price Section 3.1 Purchased Assets Section 2.1 Real Property Leases Section 2.1(b) Regulatory Entity Section 7.4(e) Retained Agreements Section 2.2(k) SCADA Section 2.1(m) SEC Section 7.2(c) Seller Preamble Seller Common Surety Instruments Section 7.4(g) Seller Indemnitee Section 9.2(b) Seller Insurance Policies Section 7.16 Seller Property Taxes Section 3.4(b) Seller’s VEBA Section 7.9(f)(v) Shared Agreements Section 7.4(e) Shared Easement Rights Section 7.4(b) Shared Easements Section 7.4(b) Shared Telecommunications Network Element Rights Section 7.4(h) Shared Telecommunications Network Elements Section 7.4(h) Substitute Arrangements Section 7.4(e) Successor Retiree Welfare Plan Section 7.9(f) Surety Instruments Section 7.4(g) Tangible Personal Property Section 2.1(g) Technology Section 2.1(w) Telecommunications Network Elements Section 7.4(h) Termination Date Section 10.1(b) Third Party Clai...
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Indemnitees 14.04 Buyer’s Environmental Consultant 4.01(a) Buyer’s Environmental Review 4.01(a) CERCLA 4.02(c) Closing 10.01 Closing Date 10.01 Concurrent Rights Agreement 8.08 Contracts 1.02(e) Defensible Title 3.02 Disputes 16.01 Documents 17.03 Easements 1.02(c) Effective Time 2.03 Environmental Defect 4.02(a) Environmental Defect Value 4.02(d) Environmental Information 4.01(b)
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Controlled Claims 10.4(a) Buyer Parties Preamble Buyer Releasees 9.2(a) Buyer Releasor 9.2(a) Closing 7.1 Closing Date 7.1 Closing Date Financial Certificate 2.5 Company Preamble Company Contracts 3.12(a) Company Real Property 3.9(a) Condition Satisfaction 7.1 Confidential Information 5.6(d) Conveyance Notice 5.14(a) Conveyance Parcels 5.14(a) Covered Business Recitals Data Room 1.3(c) Earnout Payments Exhibit B Employment Agreements 5.4(h) Estimated Working Capital 2.5 Exchange Act 4.7(a) Excluded A/R Exhibit C Execution Date Preamble Final Adjustment Statement 2.6(e) Final Allocation 5.3(f) Financial Statements 3.6(a) Indemnifying Party 10.4(a) Interim Balance Sheet 3.6(a) Lease 3.9(b) Leased Real Property 3.9(a) Major Customers 3.21(a) Major Suppliers 3.21(b) Notice of Disagreement 2.6(c) Owned Real Property 3.9(a) Outside Date 8.1(b) Owner Preamble Owner Group Preamble Parent Preamble Parent SEC Documents 4.7(a) Parent Financial Statements 4.7(a) Parties Preamble Party Preamble Per Diem Taxes 5.3(b) Post-Closing Services Exhibit F Preliminary Adjustment Statement 2.6(b) Purchased Tangible Personal Property 3.9(i) Purchase Price 2.2 Purchase Price Adjustment 2.6(a) Pre-Closing Insurance Coverage 5.11 Proposed Allocation 5.3(f) Reconveyance Parcels 5.14(b) Reconveyance Request 5.14(b) Remaining Parcels 5.14(a) Reorganization Transactions 5.12 Reserved Easement 5.14(c) Retained Employees 5.4(a) Securities Act 4.7(a) Seller Preamble Seller Employee Participants 5.4(f) Seller Releasees 9.2(a) Seller Releasor 9.2(a) Straddle Period 5.3(b) Third Party Claim 10.4(a) Tier II Payment Date 2.4(f) Tier II Upgrade Payment 2.4(f) Transferred Employees 5.4(a)
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Financing Section 6.5(a) Buyer Financing Commitments Section 6.5(b) Buyer Pension Plan Trust Exhibit 8.8(d)(ii)(C) CB Transferred Employees Section 8.8(a) Capital Expenditures Section 3.1(b) Capital Expenditures Budget Section 3.1(b) Closing Section 4.1 Closing Date Section 4.1 Closing Payment Amount Section 3.2(a) Collective Bargaining Agreement Section 5.11 Confidential Business Information Section 8.2(c) Confidential Information Section 8.2(b) Contingent Purchased Assets Section 8.5(f)(ii) Correct Purchase Price Section 3.2(d) Covered Individuals Section 8.8(d)(ii)(D) Current Retirees Section 8.8(d)(ii)(D) Customer Notification Section 8.13 Division Income Statement Information Section 5.5(b) Easements Section 8.5(a) 1-LA/903877.26 Electric Opco Recitals Excluded Assets Section 2.2 Excluded Liabilities Section 2.4 Final Purchase Price Section 3.2(e) Financial Hedge Section 8.5(c) Franchises Section 5.13(b) Gas Opco Recitals Initial Transfer Amount Exhibit 8.8(d)(ii)(C) Initial Transfer Date Exhibit 8.8(d)(ii)(C) Interim Period Section 8.5(f)(ii) Lease Buy-Out Amount Section 3.1(b) Limited Partner Recitals Locals Section 8.8(c) Merger Recitals Merger Agreement Recitals Methodologies Section 3.1(b) New CBA Section 8.8(c) Non-CB Transferred Employees Section 8.8(a) Other Arrangements Section 8.5(d) Other Plan Participants Exhibit 8.8(d)(ii)(C) Parent Preamble Partnership Interests Purchase Agreement Recitals Post-Retirement Welfare Benefits Section 8.8(d)(ii)(D) Proposed Adjustment Amount Section 3.2(b) Proposed Adjustment Statement Section 3.2(b)
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Documents Section 4.1 Buyer Indemnified Parties Section 10.2(a) Buyer Plan Section 6.9(c) Claim Notice Section 10.4(a) Closing Date Financial Statements Section 2.5(b) Closing Payment Section 2.4(a) COBRA Section 6.9(e) Escrow Agreement Section 2.9 Escrow Amount Section 2.4(b) ERISA Affiliate Section 3.15(a) Employee Plans Section 3.15(a) Escrow Account Section 2.9 Escrow Agent Section 2.9 Escrow Agreement Section 2.9 Excluded Assets Section 2.2 Excluded Liabilities Section 2.6 Final Net Working Capital Section 2.5(b) Final Net Working Capital Adjustment Amount Section 2.5(b) Financing Section 5.13 FMLA Section 3.15(d) HSR Filing Section 6.2 Indemnified Parties Section 10.3 Indemnifying Party Section 10.4(a) Intellectual Property Assets Section 3.13 Interim Balance Sheets Section 3.4(a) MAC Notice Section 9.3 Material Contract Section 3.20(a) Material Insurance Policies Section 3.21 Non-Real Estate Encumbrances Section 3.9(b) Notice Period Section 10.4(a) Noticed MAC Section 9.3 Operating Sellers Preamble Pending Applications Section 3.11(a) Term Section Preliminary Net Working Capital Section 2.5(a) Preliminary Net Working Capital Adjustment Amount Section 2.5(a) Purchase Price Section 2.3 Purchase Price Allocation Schedule Section 6.7 Real Estate Encumbrances Section 3.9(a) Real Property Leases Section 3.8(a) Review Period Section 2.5(c) Seller Indemnified Parties Section 10.3 Sellers Preamble Seller Documents Section 3.2(a) Statement of Objections Section 2.5(d) Stations Recitals Susquehanna Preamble Third-Party Claim Section 10.4(a) SECTION 2
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Assignee 10.2 Buyer Indemnified Parties 8.2(a) Cap 8.4(c) Claim Notice 8.3(a) Closing 2.5(g) Closing Date 2.5(g) Closing Statement 2.4 Code 9.2(d) Companies or Company Recitals Deductible 8.4(b) Defect Notice 2.9(c) Defected Property 2.9(c) Deposit 2.3(a) Deposit Escrow Agreement 2.3(a) Disclosing Party 6.7(c) Environmental Defect 2.9(c) Environmental Materials 2.9(a) Equity Interests 4.3(a) Excess 2.7(e) Final Purchase Price 2.2 Ground Leases 4.6(a)(i) Indemnified Party 8.3(a) Indemnifying Party 8.3(a) Initial Closing 2.5(a) Initial Closing Date 2.5(a) Initial Purchase Price 2.2 JV Condition 7.1(b)(iii) JV Redemptions 7.1(b)(iii) Kickout Notice 2.11 Lender Condition 7.1(b)(i) Material Contracts 4.6(a) Maximum Kickout Properties 2.11 Non-Party Affiliate 8.7(e) Notifying Party 6.4 OpEx Statement 2.7(e) Outside Date 9.1(d) Potential Contributor 8.4(h) Pre-Signing Environmental Materials 2.9(a)
Buyer Preamble. Buyer Shares Section 2.01 (a) By-Laws Section 1.02 (a) CBA Section 4.16 Certificate of Incorporation Section 1.02 (a) Code Section 4.14 (a) Company Preamble Company 10-K Section 4.06 (a) Company 10-Qs Section 4.08 (a) Company Acquisition Agreement Section 6.04 Company Designees Section 1.03 (a) Company Disclosure Documents Section 4.10 (a) Company Disclosure Letter Section 4.01 Company Notice Section 6.04 Company Permits Section 4.13 Company Proxy Statement Section 6.02 Company Securities Section 4.05 Company SEC Documents Section 4.08 (a) Company Stockholder Meeting Section 6.02 Competing Proposal Section 11.04(b)(i)(B)(3) Competing Proposal Agreement Section 11.04(b)(i)(B)(4) Confidentiality Agreement Section 6.03