The Credit Union definition

The Credit Union means Community First Co-operative Credit Union and its affiliates as may from time to time hereafter come into existence and any successors or assignees of these companies.
The Credit Union means Cayman Islands Civil Service Association Cooperative Credit Union Ltd its successors and assigns. "Card" means The Credit Union ATM Card.
The Credit Union means Cayman Islands Civil Service Association Cooperative Credit Union Ltd its successors and assigns.

Examples of The Credit Union in a sentence

  • The Credit Union may set other limits on the amount of any transaction, and you will be notified of those limits.

  • The Credit Union may refuse to honor any transaction for which you do not have sufficient available verified funds.

  • The Credit Union reserves the right to refuse any transaction which would draw upon insufficient funds, exceed a credit limit, lower an account below a required balance, or otherwise require us to increase our required reserve on the account.

  • The Credit Union can delay enforcing any of its rights any number of times without losing them.

  • The Credit Union also has the right to demand immediate payment of any amount by which you are over your credit limit.

  • The Credit Union reserves the right to send any item for collection.

  • The Credit Union is only required to attempt to communicate with you at the most recent address you have provided to us.

  • The Credit Union reserves the right to change the terms and conditions upon which this service is offered.

  • The Credit Union reserves the right to waive any term in this Agreement.

  • The Credit Union reserves the right to refuse or to return all or any item or funds transfer.

More Definitions of The Credit Union

The Credit Union refers to North Coast Credit Union.
The Credit Union means One Nevada Credit Union. "You" and "Your(s)," means each cardholder who applies to use the service and each person who uses the service.

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