Exclusive Rights Sample Clauses

Exclusive Rights. Enter into or amend any agreements pursuant to which any other party is granted exclusive marketing or other exclusive rights of any type or scope with respect to any of its products or technology;
Exclusive Rights. Neither Contractor nor any employee of Contractor shall have any proprietary interest in the products delivered under this Agreement. Anything, by whatsoever designation it may be known, that is produced or developed in connection with this Agreement shall be the exclusive property of EFI and may be copyrighted, patented, or otherwise restricted by EFI only. Consultant’s access to EFI’s CRM system is a privilege assigned by EFI for its business purposes. Information in the database or client tracking system is EFI’s and may not be used for other personal or business activities. Inappropriate uses of EFI information may be cause for immediate termination.
Exclusive Rights. The parties agree that the BTU-ESP has the exclusive right to process grievances under all steps of this grievance procedure, except that any bargaining unit member may process a grievance through said procedure if the BTU-ESP expressly waives its right in writing to process a grievance because the unit member is not a dues- paying member of the union. A copy of the waiver shall be provided to the school district's Director of Employee & Labor Relations. The union accepts its duty of fair representation but retains its right to preclude the processing of non-meritorious grievances through the steps of this grievance procedure, inclusive of arbitration.
Exclusive Rights. The amounts payable under this Article IV are intended to be, and are, exclusive and in lieu of any other rights or remedies to which Executive may otherwise be entitled, including under common, tort or contract law, under policies of Employer and its affiliates in effect from time to time, under this Agreement or otherwise, in the event of Executive’s termination of employment with Employer and its affiliates.
Exclusive Rights. The rights of Licensee to the License in accordance with Section 2.1 will be sole and exclusive, and Licensor will not directly or indirectly compete with Licensee, nor the license, authorize or permit any third party to compete with Licensee with respect to the use of the Technology.
Exclusive Rights. It will permit no exclusive right for the use of the airport by any person providing, or intending to provide, aeronautical services to the public. For purposes of this paragraph, the providing of the services at an airport by a single fixed-based operator shall not be construed as an exclusive right if both of the following apply: