The Board shall Sample Clauses

The Board shall. (a) submit to the Committee on Industrial Cooperation, for its consideration and approval proposals concerning the CDI's overall strategy, its annual budget and its annual accounts which it has adopted on the basis of proposals submitted to it by the CDI management;
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The Board shall i. Accept the identified referral of Intern from the County of Xxxxxxx with appropriate documentation (as deemed appropriate by County of Xxxxxxx and process documents to establish payment of stipend);Provide an orientation describing the use of documents to report internship activities inclusive of County of Xxxxxxx Intern Application and Policies, and for the payment of stipends;
The Board shall. 5.1 Administer this Agreement;
The Board shall pay nine and four tenths percent (9.4%) up to nine percent (9%) of the individual teacher’s salary to the State of Illinois Teacher’s Retirement System. This payment is made directly to TRS and is in addition to the base salary as listed in Appendix A.
The Board shall. 1. Disseminate information yearly to all secondary students regarding dual enrollment as an educational option and mechanism for acceleration through counselor meetings, the student progression plan and parent information meetings. Information will include eligibility requirements, the option for taking dual enrollment courses during and after school hours and during the school year and summer terms, how dual enrollment may be used to meet high school credits required for graduation, and the transfer guarantee statement by the State Articulation Coordinating Committee.
The Board shall. A. Pay $3,999,999 to the Health Department for services pursuant to this contract during the general school year and Summer School to be paid in twelve (12) monthly installments.
The Board shall a. Notify the Tribe ofany remittance deficiencies disclosed during an electronic gaming devices net revenue examination;
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Related to The Board shall

  • The Board 6.1 The appointment, dismissal and conduct of the Board shall be regulated in accordance with this agreement and the Articles.

  • Mandate of the Committee The mandate of the Education Worker Diverse and Inclusive Workforce Committee is to jointly explore and identify best practices that support diversity, equity, inclusion and to xxxxxx diverse and inclusive workforces reflective of Ontario’s diverse communities.

  • Executive Committee (A) The Executive Committee shall be composed of not more than nine members who shall be selected by the Board of Directors from its own members and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Board.

  • Leave, Board of Directors A nurse who is elected to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Nurses' Association, other than to the office of President, shall be granted upon request such leave(s) of absence as she or he may require to fulfill the duties of the position. Reasonable notice - sufficient to adequately allow the Hospital to minimize disruption of its services shall be given to the Hospital for such leave of absence. Notwithstanding Article 10.04, there shall be no loss of seniority or service for a nurse during such leave of absence. Leave of absence under this provision shall be in addition to the Union leave provided in Article 11.02

  • Audit Committee (A) The Audit Committee shall be composed of five members who shall be selected by the Board of Directors from its own members, none of whom shall be an officer of the Company, and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Board.

  • Compensation Committee (A) The Compensation Committee shall be composed of not more than five (5) members who shall be selected by the Board of Directors from its own members who are not officers of the Company and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the Board.

  • Executive Board In addition to the rules in Section 6.2, the following rules shall apply:

  • Management Committee The Members shall act collectively through meetings as a "committee of the whole," which is hereby named the "Management Committee." The Management Committee shall conduct its affairs in accordance with the following provisions and the other provisions of this Agreement:

  • Meetings of the Committee a) The Committee shall meet at the request of one of the central parties.

  • PLANT COMMITTEE 5.01 a) The Company acknowledges the right of the Union to appoint or otherwise select a Plant Committee otherwise known as the Union Grievance Committee, which shall be composed of not more than four (4)

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