Territories Sample Clauses

Territories. (1) (a) The United Nations, in cases where they are the administering authority for a territory, or any Contracting Government responsible for the international relations of a territory, shall as soon as possible consult with such territory or take such measures as may be appropriate in an endeavour to extend the present Convention to that territory and may at any time by notification in writing to the Organization declare that the present Convention shall extend to such territory.
Territories. System and Method for the Mitigation of Paraffin Wax Deposition From Crude Oil by Using Ultrasonic Waves” – WorldwideWell Casing Based-Geophysical Sensor Apparatus, System and Method” – United StatesDetection of Leaks in Pipelines” – United States EXHIBIT C AGREEMENT OF SUBLICENSEE EXHIBIT D MINUTES OF MEETING OF THE LICENSOR’S BOARD OF DIRECTORS UNANIMOUS WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE DIRECTORS IN LIEU OF A MEETING OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF AVALON OIL & GAS, INC. The undersigned, being all of the directors of Avalon Oil & Gas, Inc. (the "Corporation"), a Nevada Corporation, in accordance with Section 78.315 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, the following resolutions with the same force and effect as if they had been unanimously adopted at a duly convened meeting of the Board of Directors of the Corporation:
Territories. (1) Any country may declare in its instrument of ratification or accession, or may inform the Director General by written notification any time thereafter, that this Convention shall be applicable to all or part of those territories, designated in the declaration or notification, for the external relations of which it is responsible.
Territories. Consultants may hold Home Parties, sponsor new Teams and sell Pink Zebra products in U.S. Territories. APO / FPO LOCATIONS Consultants may sell to APO / FPO locations. Someone stationed on a foreign military base may become a Consultant. Sponsors and Consultants should be fully aware that products shipped to an APO/FPO address cannot be resold. The military also requires anyone operating a business on a military base to obtain their business license. The military's business license application is very clear regarding the restriction of product resale through an APO/FPO address. TIME ZONE Pink Zebra’s corporate office is in Houston, TX, and in the Central Time Zone. Office hours are operated based on the Central Time Zone. Ordering, month end or incentives are based on the ZebraNET, which operates on the Eastern Time Zone. ACCEPTING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS FROM CUSTOMERS Gather ALL the information on the order form, including the name, credit card number, expiration date, and the security code on the back of the card. Pink Zebra accepts American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. When someone places the order online, Pink Zebra’s system will process the credit card. A Consultant may or may not choose to use his or her merchant account to process credit cards. DECLINED CREDIT CARDS Declined credit cards are the responsibility of the user and not Pink Zebra. A credit card processer must align with your financial institution and if not, the credit card processer may decline the charge and or add additional fees. Common declines are: Transaction Status: Declined. Authorization with the card issuer was successful but the transaction was declined due to an address or zip code mismatch with the address on file. Transaction Status: Declined. Card declined by issuerContact card issuer to determine reason. Where the Company must deal with the processor it may take up to 7 business days for any adjustment or refund. CHECKS Pink Zebra does NOT accept checks from customers or Consultants. When a Consultant takes a personal check from a customer, he or she needs to be sure the check has a phone number and to deposit the check immediately. The Consultant should make sure the check clears the bank before delivering the products. Consultants bear all risk of loss for any returned checks accepted from a customer. Tax Rate The tax rate for an order is generally based on the zip code of the shipping address. A Consultant should collect taxes based on the rate of the loca...
Territories. Exclusive: USA, The existing agreement for Mexico and Canada to be included as --- Distributors under the terms and conditions of the distributors agreement to be drawn by the mutual consent of both parties. Other regions may be subsequently added as exclusive territories upon mutual written consent of both Kisnet and MTT. Prior Kisnet agreements as listed in SCHEDULE E are excluded from this agreement. -
Territories. Any Order placed on the Web Site may only be validly concluded between the Vendor and a Customer residing in the United Kingdom (excluding Guernsey, Jersey, and Isle of Man). Should the Customer reside outside the abovementioned territories, he or she may not validly place an Order via the Web Site.
Territories. Any Order placed on the Web Site may only be validly concluded between the Vendor and a Customer residing in Ireland, to which the Order must be both billed and delivered. Should the Customer reside outside the above mentioned territories, he or she may not validly place an Order via the Web Site.
Territories. The geographic areas described below define the Territory subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. In the City of Huntington, W. Va., and all territory in the following counties in West Virginia: Cabell, Logan, McDowell, Mercer, Mingo and Wayne. That part of Lincoln County lying west of a line drawn as follows: Beginning at a point on the Putnam-Lincoln County line approximately one and three-quarters (1-3/4) mile west of Garretts Bend Post Office and two and one-quarter (2-1/4) miles southwest of the intersection of Kanawha, Putnam and Lincoln Counties; thence in a southeasterly direction to a point on West Virginia Primary Road #14 approximately one-quarter (1/4) mile west of Sod Post Office (Sod Post Office being located at the intersection of Primary Road #14 and Secondary Road #14); thence to a point on the Lincoln-Boone County line to a point one (1) mile south of Alkol, W. Va., where latitude 85° 55 minutes crosses said line. That part of Mason County not within a radius of fifty (50) miles of Parkersburg; that part of Putnam County within one-half (1/2) mile of the C & O Railroad from the Cabell-Putnam County line to, but not including Hurricane as it existed in 1921. In the State of Ohio: All of the territory in the following counties: Lawrence, Scioto, Pike, and Jackson. In Vinton County, the following townships: Vinton, Wilkesville and Clinton Townships, except the town of Dundas (as Dundas existed in 1932). In Meigs County, the town of Salem Center only (as Salem Center existed in 1932). In Adams County, the following townships: Green, Jefferson, Meigs, Franklin, Sprigg, Monroe, Tiffin, Oliver and Bratton. In Highland County, Brush Creek Township. In Ross County, Paxton Township. In Gallia County, the following townships: Guyan, Ohio, Harrison, Walnut, Greenfield, Perry, Green, Raccoon, Springfield, Huntington and Morgan, and that part of Clay Township not within (50) miles of Parkersburg, W. Va. In the State of Virginia: All points in Tazewell County. That part of Bland County, Virginia, north and west of a line drawn in a north and eastwardly direction from the point where State Highway #623 intersects the boundary line between Bland and Tazewell Counties through a point one and one-half (1-1/2) mile north of the town of Bland; thence in a straight line to a point on the boundary line between Bland and Giles Counties, Va. In the State of Kentucky: All of the territory in the following counties: Pike, Floyd, Martin, Johnson, Lawr...