Part B definition

Part B. If the participant is a minor, I (the minor participant’s parent) for and on behalf of my participating minor child, agree as follows: I agree here to waive and release, in advance, any claim or cause of action against the Released Parties that would accrue to my minor child for personal injury, including death, and property damage resulting from an inherent risk in the activity. NOTICE TO THE MINOR CHILD'S NATURAL GUARDIAN READ THIS FORM COMPLETELY AND CAREFULLY. YOU ARE AGREEING TO LET YOUR MINOR CHILD ENGAGE IN A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY. YOU ARE AGREEING THAT, EVEN IF THE RELEASED PARTIES USE REASONABLE CARE IN PROVIDING THIS ACTIVITY, THERE IS A CHANCE YOUR CHILD MAY BE SERIOUSLY INJURED OR KILLED BY PARTICIPATING IN THIS ACTIVITY BECAUSE THERE ARE CERTAIN DANGERS INHERENT IN THE ACTIVITY WHICH CANNOT BE AVOIDED OR ELIMINATED. BY SIGNING THIS FORM YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR CHILD'S RIGHT AND YOUR RIGHT TO RECOVER FROM THE RELEASED PARTIES IN A LAWSUIT FOR ANY PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING DEATH, TO YOUR CHILD OR ANY PROPERTY DAMAGE THAT RESULTS FROM THE RISKS THAT ARE A NATURAL PART OF THE ACTIVITY. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO SIGN THIS FORM, AND THE RELEASED PARTIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO LET YOUR CHILD PARTICIPATE IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM. To the extent allowed by applicable law, I agree to indemnify the Released Parties for any attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by them in defending a claim or suit brought by or on behalf of my child (whether that claim or suit is initiated by me, my child or another party) that an arbitrator or court determines is barred under applicable law, or, if the claim is withdrawn or dismissed.
Part B means the program component of IDEA that requires states to find, identify, locate, evaluate, and serve children with disabilities from three to twenty-one years of age.
Part B means all the text, clauses, sub-clauses which have been included in the Part B of this Deed containing details specific to the Debentures, as amended from time to time.

Examples of Part B in a sentence

  • The following Technical Specifications set forth in Part A, and Legal Requirements set forth in Part B, will be included in any data escrow agreement between Registry Operator and the Escrow Agent, under which ICANN must be named a third-party beneficiary.

  • Details of the corrective measures and rights the ISO may exercise upon any failure by any entity to meet those standards for Metering Facilities or to comply with the audit or test procedures shall be set forth in Schedule 4 Part B.

  • Critical Function Emergency Threshold DNS Service (all servers) 4-hour total downtime / week DNSSEC proper resolution 4-hour total downtime / week EPP 24-hour total downtime / week RDDS (WHOIS/Web-based WHOIS) 24-hour total downtime / week Data Escrow Breach of the Registry Agreement as described in Specification 2, Part B, Section 6.

  • The employee shall complete the Part A enrollment and request the Part B delay at the Social Security Administration.

  • The Service Provider must provide Fast Frequency Response in accordance with the technical requirements of Part B of this Schedule 4 and the relevant Operating Parameters for the Providing Unit.

More Definitions of Part B

Part B means the program component of IDEA that
Part B of this Plan means the unapproved part of this Plan;
Part B means all the text, sections, sub-sections which have been included in the Part B of this Deed containing details specific to the Debentures, as amended from time to time.
Part B means rules 7 to 13;
Part B means these master terms and conditions.
Part B. What You (the Recipient) agree to do Using the Direct Payment to buy goods and services
Part B means Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (20 USC 1400 et seq.) (IDEA) governing "Assistance for Education of All Children with Disabilities".