The Licensor Sample Clauses

The Licensor or Licensee shall at the request of the other party execute and at Licensee's expense take all steps reasonable requisite for the registration or recordal of the license granted hereunder in such form as may be reasonably required by the requesting party. The Licensee agrees that any such recordal may be canceled by the Licensor on the termination of this Agreement in accordance with its terms and that it will assist the Licensor so far as is necessary CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION HAS BEEN OMITTED PURSUANT TO RULE 406 UNDER THE SECURITIES ACT AND HAS BEEN FILED SEPARATELY, WITH THE COMMISSION. THE LOCATIONS OF THE OMITTED INFORMATION HAVE BEEN INDICATED WITH ASTERISKS. to achieve such cancellation by executing any necessary documents or doing any necessary acts in connection therewith. CONDITIONS OF USE
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The Licensor grants the licensee a non-transferable (except as expressly provided herein) license in order to manufacture, use and market the Licensed Product.
The Licensor. The President and Fellows of Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx College, founded as New Hall, in the University of Cambridge (“the College”)
The Licensor. Primary Patent constitutes a valid and enforceable patent or patent application under the patent laws of the United States of America and under the laws of any other nation or country in which or as to which a patent application has been filed and prosecuted and a patent (or patents) that is substantially equivalent to the Licensor Primary Patent has been issued.
The Licensor. Xxxxx’x Fields Park Project, Myatt’s Fields Park, Old Park Depot, Cormont Road, London SE5 9RA
The Licensor. (“Xxxxx Xxxxxx Music”), grants the LICENSEE the non-exclusive, non- transferable right to use the licensed Work and/or Derivative Work perpetually on any present or future projects without further permission from the LICENSOR (“Xxxxx Xxxxxx Music”).
The Licensor. Institute of Money Advisers (a private company limited by guarantee company number 05386480), registered office First Floor 0 Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, XX0 0XX
The Licensor s representative for the purpose of receiving payments and notices shall until further notice be: The Managing Director, Isis Innovation Limited, Xxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx Xxxxx, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7SG, England.
The Licensor. Office Dynamics Limited, Kinetic Centre, Theoxxxx Xxxeet, Borehamwood, Herts., WD6 0XX, xxose registered office is at 47 Hxxxxxxx Xxxx, Xx. Xxxxxx, XX0 0XX.