Office Hours Sample Clauses

Office Hours. Teaching members are expected to be available to meet their obligations and confer with their students outside of class. Each full-time teaching member shall be required to hold office hours appropriate to the needs of their students and their academic discipline. Each full-time teaching member shall schedule and hold at least five (5) office hours per week each semester. These office hours shall be scheduled in agreement with the department Chairperson on at least three (3) teaching days per week at times reasonably convenient for students. Such hours shall be posted on the appropriate departmental office bulletin board and reported by the department Chairperson to the appropriate academic Dean or Chief Academic Officer. If in the judgment of the Dean, the reported hours do not meet the standard above, the Dean may require that the Chairperson establish appropriate office hours. Alternate office hour arrangements for full-time teaching members with substantial off campus loads, or with alternate duties, may be made with the approval of the Chief Academic Officer. Office hour requirements may be temporarily increased by the appropriate academic Dean during registration periods. The Board and CSU-AAUP agree that all students will be given adequate advising by members during registration and throughout the school year to assure the pursuit of sound educational objectives. Part-time faculty shall make reasonable efforts to advise and counsel their students as needed.
Office Hours. Full-time (1.0 FTE) teaching faculty shall establish and maintain a minimum of five (5) regularly scheduled office hours per week. If a faculty member’s teaching load consists of all “face-to-face” courses, then three (3) of the 5 hours must be regularly scheduled in their office. Those members with less than full-time appointments shall establish minimum office hours in ratio to their part-time appointment. Those faculty members with course releases shall establish minimum office hours in ratio to the number of credits they teach during the term in which the course release is taken to the number of credits in a full-time teaching load. Before the end of the first week of classes of each term, the faculty member shall provide the Director a schedule of their office hours and copies of all course syllabi for inclusion in the Division’s files. The current schedule of office hours is to be posted outside the faculty member’s office and other appropriate places, such as online for online courses, accessible to students.
Office Hours a. In addition to the workload described in Article 10, Section A, the faculty member will be responsible for ten (10) office hours weekly for assisting students, at times and approved locations, either on or off campus, posted at the faculty member’s office for faculty members with assigned offices. As used in this paragraph, the term “approved locations” may include electronic or other alternate modes of contact. A faculty member who is assigned to work from a remote location shall maintain equivalent interactive availability to students through the internet or other electronic means. If a faculty member’s assignment includes teaching load at an off-campus site, a portion of the faculty member’s office hour obligation can be at the off-campus site.
Office Hours. Instructors will hold office hours in their office or laboratory a minimum of sixty (60) minutes each day they are assigned teaching responsibilities. Office hours will be held at least four (4) days per week during those weeks an instructor has teaching responsibilities. When the majority of an instructor’s classes are taught off-campus or online and on campus office hours would not make the instructor more available to students, alternatives from the four (4) day requirement may be made with prior approval of the dean/supervisor. Any disagreements regarding office hour schedules may be appealed to the Vice President of Teaching, Learn- ing and student Development. Instructors who teach off-campus or online may, with the dean/supervisor’s approval, hold office hours in an appropriate location or virtual hours through the college’s course management system. each instructor shall schedule office hours at a time and place convenient for the students. The total number of office hours required each week is 10, provided such total number of office hours shall be reduced by one (1) hour if the faculty member is assigned to two (2) or more locations one (1) day per week and reduced by two (2) hours if assigned to two (2) or more locations two (2) or more days per week, except that such reduction shall not be applicable to any assignment which is part of a voluntary overload. An office hour schedule must be submitted in writing to the dean/supervisor by the tenth day of instruction for approval. All office hours will be posted outside the instructor’s office, and the administrative assistant/office coordinator will be kept informed if the instructor is not in the office or laboratory during office hours for any prolonged period.
Office Hours. Instructors are required to make time available for student conferences through regularly scheduled office hours. Office hours should be convenient for both students and the instructor with the opportunity provided for prearranged appointments. Available office hours will be published and communicated to students in writing.
Office Hours. The instructor will post at least five (5) office hours on campus during the College week (up to two (2) may be scheduled at the clinical site for nursing faculty) in which students may make appointments. These five (5) hours shall be scheduled in at least one-half (1/2) hour blocks. In the event an instructor is unable to meet all or part of a scheduled office hour, he/she shall post suitable notification.
Office Hours. (Full-time Teaching faculty) Five (5) office hours per week shall be posted and maintained in the faculty membersoffices in accordance with the needs and convenience of the students and community members. Faculty who teach online courses or are on approved leave shall have their office hours reduced by the ratio of 1 hour per 3 LHE of online courses taught.