System Equipment Sample Clauses

System Equipment. The system’s controlling and visit processing equipment shall be housed and maintained at a location provided by the Contractor. The system’s controlling and visit processing equipment shall be continuously monitored and maintained by the Contractor’s trained personnel. Equipment shall be new and unused. Equipment classified as demonstrators, refurbished, prototype or discontinued are not acceptable. The equipment shall be the latest model offered and must be tried, proven and in current use. The Contractor shall provide all mounting devices, carousels, hardware, any applicable software, and maintenance.
System Equipment. System Equipment Proposed Cost Share Master SiteZone Controllers Master Site zone controllers are the brains of the System and cannot be separated in any way. Further, they are an inherent part of a trunked radio system and should be shared. *The Municipality of Anchorage Wide-Area Network (AWARN) Zone Controller Shared *Paid by Owners Radio Frequency (RF) Site Equipment Any user may be using any radio site to transmit or receive. RF equipment cannot be separated and should be shared. This also applies to infrastructure and antenna systems. Shared
System Equipment. The system is a multiple-zone design that is divided into four zones. All sites south of the Denali Highway are in Zone 1, while those sites north of the Denali Highway are in Zone 2. The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) encompasses Zone 4 with its own 700MHz subsystem. Zone 3 is reserved for possible expansion in Southeast Alaska.
System Equipment. The System is a multiple-zone design that is divided into two zones. All sites south of the Denali Highway are in Zone 1, while those sites north of the Denali Highway are in Zone 2. Each zone has a Master Site and a number of radio frequency (RF) sites. The Master Site for Zone 1 is located in Anchorage at Tudor Road. The Master Site for Zone 2 is located in Fairbanks on Fort Xxxxxxxxxx at Xxxxx Xxxx.
System Equipment. LDC warrants that each LDC POS terminal will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for one (1) year after the date of first use of the LDC POS terminal by the Account to whom the terminal is delivered. LDC makes no warranty as to third party equipment or products included with the System Equipment and LDC's sole obligation with respect to such third party equipment or products will be to pass through the manufacturers' warranties and indemnities with respect thereto where applicable. Should any of the System Equipment fail within this warranty period, LDC's sole obligation will be to repair or replace, at its discretion, the defective System Equipment. Replacement System Equipment may be refurbished or contain refurbished materials. LDC will ship replacement System Equipment to Distributor and/or Distributor Accounts upon request at Distributor's expense within two (2) days from LDC's determination of a terminal failure. This warranty does not apply if the System Equipment fails or is damaged after delivery due to shipment, handling, storage, has been damaged by accident, abuse or misuse, has been used or maintained in a manner not conforming to applicable System Equipment manual instructions, has been modified in any way, or has had any serial number removed or defaced. Repair by anyone other than LDC or an approved agent will void this warranty.
System Equipment. All equipment and other personal property included with the Assets is sold "AS IS." No representation or warranty is made by Seller that the design, configuration or condition of the Systems or the items of equipment and other personal property comprising the Systems comply with the technical standards of the FCC (including, without limitation, those set forth in Subpart K of Part 76, Title 47, Code of Federal Regulations), the Federal Aviation Administration or any franchising authority, and Seller expressly disclaims any such warranty relating to design, configuration or condition of the equipment and other personal property comprising the Systems and the warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to the design or configuration of the Systems or the items of equipment and other personal property that comprise the Systems.
System Equipment. The County will purchase System hardware and software (collectively referred to as the "System Equipment") as initially needed for use of the System by the County and the Municipalities. The System Equipment to be purchased by the County for implementation of the System under the terms of this Agreement is listed as the System Equipment CostsTotal in the System Equipment List, attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement as Appendix A.

Related to System Equipment

  • Customer Equipment Customer represents and warrants that it owns or has the legal right and authority, and will continue to own or maintain the legal right and authority during the term of this Agreement, to place and use the Customer Equipment as contemplated by this Agreement. Customer further represents and warrants that its placement, arrangement, and use of the Customer Equipment in the Internet Data Centers complies with the Customer Equipment Manufacturer's environmental and other specifications.

  • Stored equipment We accept no responsibility for any stored equipment or other property brought on to or left at the premises, and all liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded. All equipment and other property (other than stored equipment) must be removed at the end of each hiring or we will charge fees each day or part of a day at the hire fee per hiring until the same is removed. We may, in our discretion, dispose of any items referred to below by sale or otherwise on such terms and conditions as we think fit, and charge you any costs we incur in storing and selling or otherwise disposing of the same, in any of the following circumstances:

  • Metering Equipment 13.01. Utility will furnish, install, own and maintain metering equipment capable of measuring the flow of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. The Customer's service associated with the CRG will be metered at a single metering point. The metering equipment will measure energy delivered by Utility to Customer and also measure energy delivered by Customer to Utility. Customer agrees to provide safe and reasonable access to the premises for installation of this equipment and its future maintenance or removal.

  • Equipment The Fund shall obtain and maintain at its own cost and expense all equipment and services, including but not limited to communications services, necessary for it to utilize the Software and obtain access to the System, and Custodian shall not be responsible for the reliability or availability of any such equipment or services.

  • Equipment and Software To use the Mobile Remote Deposit Services, you must obtain and maintain at your expense, compatible equipment and software that we may specify from time to time.

  • Leased Equipment Schedule 3.16(h) hereto contains a list of all leases or other agreements, whether written or oral, under which the Corporation is lessee of or holds or operates any items of machinery, equipment, motor vehicles, furniture and fixtures or other property (other than real property) owned by any third party (collectively, the "LEASED EQUIPMENT").

  • SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT Where ethanol receiving, storage and blending facilities are available at the Terminal, upon Customer’s request, the Parties shall execute a Terminal Service Order pursuant to which TLO shall receive, store and blend ethanol into Customer’s gasoline at the Terminal (“Ethanol Services”). TLO shall provide and operate all equipment required for the Ethanol Services. The equipment shall consist of truck and/or rail unloading racks, tanks, pumps, motors, injectors, computer control, and any other ancillary equipment necessary for the providing of the Ethanol Services.

  • Capital Equipment Collaborator’s commitment, if any, to provide ICD with capital equipment to enable the research and development activities under the Research Plan appears in Appendix B. If Collaborator transfers to ICD the capital equipment or provides funds for ICD to purchase it, then ICD will own the equipment. If Collaborator loans capital equipment to ICD for use during the CRADA, Collaborator will be responsible for paying all costs and fees associated with the transport, installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or disposal of the equipment, and ICD will not be liable for any damage to the equipment.

  • New Equipment Spansion shall bear sole responsibility for all sales, use, gross receipts, excise, value-added or personal property taxes attributable to New Equipment and any third party maintenance thereon procured by AMD on behalf of Spansion (with the consent of Spansion in connection with the Change Order Procedures) in connection with AMD’s performance of Services under this Agreement (provided Spansion obtains unencumbered title to such equipment). With respect to any Software to be delivered to Spansion within the State of California, for so long as there is a tax benefit to Spansion in the delivery methods hereinafter described, AMD shall use commercially reasonable efforts to, and shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause any third party vendor to, deliver any Software by means that minimize the tax attributable to the delivery of such Software to Spansion.

  • Installation of Equipment You represent that there are no legal, contractual or similar restrictions on the installation of the Equipment in the location(s) you have authorized. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable building codes, zoning ordinances, homeowners’ association rules, covenants, conditions, and restrictions related to the Service, to pay any fees or other charges, and to obtain any permits or authorizations necessary for the installation or use of the Service (collectively "Legal Requirements"). You are solely responsible for any fines or similar charges for violation of any applicable Legal Requirements. You acknowledge and agree that Viasat or its designated service provider will be required to access your premises and computer to install and maintain the Equipment, including, without limitation, the antenna and its components. Standard Equipment installations performed by Viasat-authorized installers include: (i) installation of the antenna to an outside wall or sloped roof; (ii) travel to and from your Service location within 50 miles of the installer’s office; (iii) cable routed through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor; (iv) connection of the antenna to the modem using up to 150 feet of cable; (v) connection of the modem to one computer using up to 7 feet of cable; and (vi) required mounting and cabling hardware. Any different or additional installation services or hardware are non-standard and may result in additional charges to be agreed upon between you and the installer. All installations include attaching the Equipment to your computer, installing software on your computer and configuring your computer to optimize the performance of the Internet Service. You confirm that you have reviewed the installation plan and agreed to any associated charges. If you approved a roof mount, you acknowledge the potential risks associated with this type of installation (including, without limitation, with respect to any warranty that applies to your roof or roof membrane). By signing this Agreement, scheduling a service or installation visit, and permitting us or our service provider to enter your home, you are authorizing Viasat and its service provider to perform all of the above actions. You are responsible for backing up the data on your computer and we highly recommend that you do so prior to permitting access to us or one of our designated service providers. NEITHER VIASAT NOR ITS SERVICE PROVIDER SHALL HAVE ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY LOSSES RESULTING FROM THE EQUIPMENT OR ANY INSTALLATION, REPAIR OR OTHER SERVICES ASSOCIATED WITH THE EQUIPMENT, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGE TO YOUR PREMISES OR LOSS OF SOFTWARE, DATA OR OTHER INFORMATION FROM YOUR COMPUTER. This limitation does not apply to any damages arising from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of us or one of our designated service providers. Time frames for installation, if any, are not guaranteed and may vary depending on the types of services requested and other factors.