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Xxxxx Xxxx has the same meaning as “CAISO Controlled Grid” as defined in the CAISO Tariff.
Xxxxx Xxxx. Xxxxx Xxxx

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  • If, with respect to any XXXXX Xxxx, the Borrower does not deliver a Committed Loan Notice prior to the Interest Payment Date therefor requesting a conversion to another type of Loan, then, unless such XXXXX Borrowing is repaid as provided herein, the Borrower shall be deemed to have selected that such XXXXX Borrowing shall automatically be continued as a XXXXX Borrowing in Sterling bearing interest at a rate based upon the applicable Daily Simple XXXXX as of such Interest Payment Date.

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Xxxxx Xxxx districts, similar assessment districts, and any traffic impact mitigation assessments or fees; (iv) any tax, surcharge or assessment which shall be levied in addition to or in lieu of real estate or personal property taxes, other than taxes covered by Article VIII; and (v) costs and expenses incurred in contesting the amount or validity of any Property Tax by appropriate proceedings.
Xxxxx Xxxx has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Xxxxx Xxxx. By: (Signed) “Xxxxx Xxxx” Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxx General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations CANETIC SASKATCHEWAN TRUST, by its Trustee, Penn West Petroleum Ltd. PENN WEST ENERGY TRUST, by its Administrator, Penn West Petroleum Ltd.
Xxxxx Xxxx means, with respect to any Interest Period, the rate per annum equal to the Tokyo Interbank Offered Rate as administered by the Ippan Xxxxxx Xxxxx XXX XXXXX Administration (or any other Person that takes over the administration of such rate) for a period equal in length to such Interest Period, as displayed on the applicable Bloomberg page (or on any successor or substitute page or service providing such quotations as determined by the Administrative Agent from time to time in its reasonable discretion) at approximately 11:00 a.m. (Tokyo time) two Term Benchmark Banking Days for Japanese Yen prior to the first day of such Interest Period (the “TIBOR Screen Rate”). If the XXXXX Xxxx shall be less than zero (0.00%), the XXXXX Xxxx shall be deemed to be zero (0.00%) for purposes of this Agreement.
Xxxxx Xxxx. Name: Xxxxx Xxxx Title: General Counsel and Senior Vice President PENN WEST NORTHERN HARRIER PARTNERSHIP
Xxxxx Xxxx. Name: Xxxxx Xxxx Title: General Counsel and Senior Vice President
Xxxxx Xxxx. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx” “February 6, 1998” LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #4 THE CITY OF SURREY – and – CUPE LOCAL 402 Re: Skating Instructors The parties agree the Collective Agreement applies to the Skating Instructors except as specifically varied as follows (note: article and section references are drawn from the 1994-1996 Collective Agreement):