Definition of Equipment Costs

Equipment Costs means the total cost of the Equipment, including related costs such as freight, installation and sales and other taxes, capitalizable costs, and costs of issuance incurred in connection with the acquisition and/or financing of the Equipment.
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Examples of Equipment Costs in a sentence

The Summary of Special Equipment Costs shall be retitled Summary of Special Equipment Costs Retired and used for this purpose.
Refunds for special equipment items shall be accounted for, in detail, on the Summary of Special Equipment Costs and credited against the appropriate plant accounts.
Equipment Costs accumulated to this center are similar to both computer and company vehicle pools.
All equipment purchased by GW Pharma with the Equipment Costs shall be owned by GW Pharma or its Affiliates.
ESTABLISHING A COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM 25 Faculty Commitment 25 Administrative Commitment 26 Equipment' Costs 27 Facility Costs 29 Faculty Training 29 iii 1 Page CHAPTER 6.