Federal Aviation Administration Sample Clauses

Federal Aviation Administration. The United States Federal Aviation Administration and any successor agency or agencies thereto.
Federal Aviation Administration. Use of the Premises shall ------------------------------- conform to and be limited by applicable zoning regulations, any conditions lawfully imposed by duly empowered governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Premises, the terms, covenants, conditions and restrictions imposed by this Lease and such lawful rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration ("FAA") as may be applicable from time to time to the Premises. The conditions imposed by the FAA as of the date of this Lease are attached hereto, marked Exhibit "L" and made a part hereof. The conditions set out in Exhibit "L" are applicable only to those portions of the Premises used for aviation or aircraft purposes. Landlord shall cooperate fully with Developer in obtaining all required FAA approvals. Landlord understands that FAA has been made aware of the nature of the development proposed for the Premises and as of the date of this Lease, Landlord has not received communication from FAA indicating that the type of development proposed would not be permitted if it complied with all applicable regulations.
Federal Aviation Administration. No. 16-72827, (9th Cir.), or In re Compliance with Federal Obligations by the City of Santa Xxxxxx, FAA NO. 16-16-13 (U.S. Dep’t of Transp., Fed. Aviation Admin.), including all the Parties’ actual or potential claims pertaining to the past operation of the Airport by the City pertaining to tenants, non-tenant aircraft and FBOs. • If one of the Parties alleges a breach of the terms or conditions of this Agreement, the exclusive venue for remedying such a breach shall be the court having jurisdiction over the Consent Decree.
Federal Aviation Administration. FAA"). That agency of the United States Government established under 49 USC § 106, or its successor.
Federal Aviation Administration. (FAA) letter. If located near an airport as defined by an airport influence area or in a flight path, the application must include an FAA response to the notice of proposed construction or alternation (FAA Form 7460-1 or equivalent).
Federal Aviation Administration. No. 16-72827, (9th Cir.), pending the entry of the Consent Decree. Within 14 days of the entry of the Consent Decree, the City shall dismiss with prejudice City of Santa Xxxxxx x. Federal Aviation Administration, No. 16- 72827, (9th Cir.). Furthermore, the Parties agree that entry of the Consent Decree shall resolve all pending disputes at issue in In re Compliance with Federal Obligations by the City of Santa Xxxxxx, FAA NO. 16-16-13 (U.S. Dep’t of Transp., Fed. Aviation Admin.), and that the FAA shall therefore dismiss the NOI.
Federal Aviation Administration. In order for this Lease to be unobjectionable to the Federal Aviation Administration, the following clauses are a part of this Lease:
Federal Aviation Administration. 5.11 Conduct at Premises. In entering into this Agreement, Lessor and Xxxxxx have foremost in mind providing a professional atmosphere devoid of any unruly, inebriated, disorderly, or sexually oriented behavior. Lessee shall cause persons exhibiting such behavior to leave the Premises. No alcohol is permitted on the Premises. The preceding sentence does not apply to small quantities of alcohol provided by building or aircraft occupants for their own use (and guests).
Federal Aviation Administration. 20.10.5. Compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act and any necessary Phase I and/or Phase II Environmental Assessments to determine the condition of the Site
Federal Aviation Administration. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will have a designated airworthiness inspector (and alternate) who is responsible for representing the FAA in the daily operation of the ASAP. The FAA ERC representative is empowered to complete ASAP investigations and is responsible for coordinating all corrective and administrative actions in accordance with FAA Order 2150.3A, 8020.11A, 8300.10 and 8400.10. As a member of the ERC, the FAA representative will work on behalf of the FAA to ensure ERC compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).