Survivor Benefit Sample Clauses

Survivor Benefit. Upon the death of a regular employee who leaves a spouse and/or dependants enrolled in the Medical Services Plan, Dental Plan and Extended Health Benefit Plan, such enrolment may continue for twelve (12) months following the employee’s death, provided the enrolled family members pay the employee’s share of the cost of the premium for the plans. The Employer shall advise the survivor of this benefit.
Survivor Benefit. In the event of a bargaining unit member's death any earned but unused vacation for which the member was eligible to be compensated will be paid at the rate of pay at the time of death to the next of kin or the estate of the deceased member.
Survivor Benefit. A. In the case of the death of a Bargaining Unit employee who has completed five (5) years of service with The University of Toledo, or is a retiree (receiving a retirement benefit from OPERS or STRS based upon service), the fee payment entitlement shall continue for the surviving spouse so long as he or she has not remarried and for any dependent children of the decedent, including any child conceived but not born at the time of the employee's death.
Survivor Benefit. If the Executive dies prior to his Date of Termination, then no Supplemental Retirement Benefit shall be paid. If Executive dies while receiving the Supplemental Retirement Benefit, then no payments of the Supplemental Retirement Benefit shall be payable for any calendar month commencing after the date of the Executive's death.
Survivor Benefit. When a member dies while in paid status in the Township service, any unused vacation leave to the member's credit shall be paid in a lump sum to the surviving spouse or, secondarily, to the estate of the deceased.
Survivor Benefit. If, at the time of the Employee’s death, the Employee has satisfied the age and service requirements for receiving a benefit under Section 2, Section 5 or Section 6(B), whether or not the benefit had commenced, and the Employee had a Termination of Employment before the Employee’s death, shall pay to the Employee’s surviving spouse, if any, monthly payments equal to fifty percent (50%) of the monthly benefit that the Employee was receiving or would have received had the Employee’s benefit pursuant to the applicable Section commenced prior to the Employee’s death. Assuming Employer receives timely notice of Employee’s death, the first payment shall be due as of the later of (a) the month during which the Employee died and (b) the date as of which payments would have commenced to the Employee if the Employee had experienced a Termination of Employment immediately prior to the Employee’s death and survived until benefits commenced pursuant to Section 2, 5, or 6(B). Payments to the Employee’s surviving spouse shall cease in the month during which the Employee, if living, would have attained age 80 or the month in which the spouse dies, whichever comes earlier. For purposes of the survivor benefit to be paid under this Section 3, the only person eligible for this benefit shall be the then living current spouse of the Employee. No survivor benefit payments shall be paid under this Section 3 to any other heirs or beneficiaries of the Employee or to any heirs or beneficiaries of the Employee’s spouse upon the spouse’s death. If payments are being paid under this Section 3, no payments are owed by Employer under any other Section of this Agreement, specifically including but not limited to Section 4.
Survivor Benefit. The Township and the Union mutually agree that Section 6 (1) (i) of PublicAct 345 of 1937, as amended, shall be amended to provide if a member continues in service on or after the date of acquiring 10 years of service credit, does not have an Option I election provided for in subdivision (j) in force, and dies while in the service of the municipality before the effective date of the member’s retirement, leaving a surviving spouse, the spouse shall receive a pension computed in the same manner as if the member had retired effective the day preceding the date of the member’s death, elected option I provided for in subdivision (h), and nominated the spouse as survivor beneficiary.
Survivor Benefit. The Participant’s survivor benefit under Section 5.1(a) of the Plan is a monthly amount, payable for 12 months, equal to 100% of the Participant’s monthly Recognized Compensation (one-twelfth of said Recognized Compensation). Thereafter, a monthly amount payable for 48 months, equal to 50% of the Participant’s monthly Recognized Compensation. The Participant’s survivor benefit under Section 5.1(b) of the Plan is a monthly amount equal to the monthly benefit the Participant would have been entitled to had the Participant retired on the date of his death. The monthly benefit shall be payable to the Participant’s beneficiary for 120 months.